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This Month’s Magazine Featuring:

Here Are Their Stories

By George Carneal

Because of the bullying and disconnect from my male peers, in addition to my unfortunate experience with “Christians” who didn’t have the heart of Christ. I stepped into a gay bar at the age of 18 and quickly became immersed in the “homosexual lifestyle”.

Anger Is A Poison

By Sandra Garr

Anger is a poison to the soul. You think you have a right to it, then it takes control. It eats people whole. Anger is a thief. It has no end. It grows until nothing else there is within. Anger takes away hope and drives away love from your soul. Your being withers and shrinks. [...]

Real Love Saved My Life

By Stephanie Thangamony

My mom lost her brother and best friend, “Jerry” to suicide when she was 16, and he was 15. My mom said he was the best at winning prizes. He’d call into radio stations with perfect timing. It was more than my mom could bear, but she got married two short years later and gave [...]

Here’s A Free Gift

By Dr. Robert Owens

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to get good enough to get saved, or to see your life change.

Born For Challenges

By Pastor Jeremy Empie

He Wont just drop $1,000,000.00 in your lap if He doesn’t trust you.

Do You Need This Now?

By Pastor Amos Cotter

Perhaps someone needs to read this now

The Revoice

By Stephen Black

They promote a construct of sinful identities, clearly revealed in Scripture as detestable in thought, word, or behavior, and to bring about an orientation empowerment.

In The Beginning

By Chris Rose

If you demand an abstinence to the then presumed natural sexual expression you have shipwrecked a man’s faith.


By Jennifer Boer

In less than 6 months I will be turning the big FOUR ZERO! I cringe every time I speak that number. Most people look forward to their birthday, even if it means they are going to be “over the hill”. I, however, want to avoid it like the plague. I have to ask myself “why”? [...]

Ignorance and Arrogance

By Dr. William Tarbell

Legislators, executives, judges, governmental agencies, large private companies, educators, and even religious leaders are creating law, regulation, and policies grounded in ignorance.


By Dr. William Tarbell

Orientation destroys free conscientious choice which is the foundation for all morality, ethics, law and traditional spirituality.

Center Of Life

By Rachel Lane

God is now the center of our lives and marriage. And almost six months into the year we were given, my husband is still symptom-free, and the cancer is shrinking!

Real Love Saved My Life

By Stephanie Thangamony

If you are saved, you are no longer a slave to sin or anything that is not from God. You have to let Him work in you, draw near to Him, have faith, and keep up the good fight.

Discover Hope 517

By Colton Garvin

Every day I get to help others who are in the situation I used to be. God has done miracles in my life.

Pornography User Buyers and Traffickers

By Aubrey Harbaugh

Pornography’s corruption reaches even farther than addiction and assault. Statistics show that pornography and sex trafficking are connected, although lines of causation are challenging to draw. Research has proven pornography’s adverse effect on the brain and has shown a strong correlation between pornography and sexual violence/sex trafficking.

A Talk With God

By Lynn Montgomery

It’s time for us to step out into the authority Jesus purchased for us at Calvary and decree and declare us “off limits” to all of Satan’s attacks. We are covered by the blood of Jesus and it will never be removed, changed or diluted! He is risen!!

The Family Yesterday And Today

By Rita Baker

One of the largest changes of note in the family structure is, far more than one-third of all American children are living with unmarried parents.

Victory In Jesus

By La Vonne Maxwell

In 1939 a stroke caused Mr. Bartlett to be confined to his bed the remaining two years of his life. It was during this time that he wrote his final song, “Victory in Jesus”, which explains salvation from beginning to end

Who’s The Real Enemy?

By Greg Baker

We are told America is divided into two political parties, two ideologies. But the real divide is not Republican vs. Democrat or liberal vs. conservative. It’s not even political. The real divide is spiritual.

Some Food For Thought

By Norm Rozendaal

On the national scene the mid-term elections (election between the presidential elections) are less than one hundred days away. In November we have the distinct privilege here in America to once again go to the polls to select from our peers those whom we wish to represent us in our representative form of self-government.

The Historical Root Of Big Government

By John Hendrickson

. Progressives and modern liberals are also wrong to claim Hamilton and Lincoln as early advocates for an “activist” federal government.

Time For A Stronger Spending Limitation Amendment In Iowa’s Constitution

By Joseph Coletti, John Hendrickson

Recent restraint has not yet offset the rapid growth at the start of the period, but Gov. Kim Reynolds and legislative Republicans with their tax reforms have signaled their intent to stay on this new course.

Christian Life Magazine’s Gospel Message

By Christian Life Magazine

Salvation is literally on the tip of your tongue. “…because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 ESV

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