2020 Hindsight Will Judge These Predictions                             

By Dr. Robert Owens

My favorite American philosopher, Yogi Berra, once said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

With that truism in mind, let me begin doing the heavy lifting and tough stuff of being the Historian of the Future:

As I predicted before his inauguration, our president has been impeached by a Democrat dominated House and no matter what the official charges may say, the charge was that they didn’t like him; and Hillary was supposed to win. In the coming year, I predict, President Trump will be acquitted by the Senate and go on to win a landslide victory in November.  His coattails will sweep in a Republican congress. This Republican majority won’t be diverted or perverted by the likes of Paul Ryan; and they’ll work diligently with President Trump to deliver the wall and other promises designed to keep America great.

Though the Democrats, the Deep State, and their media publicists continue to try and manufacture a recession just before the election, the economy will finish the year strong with the “Trump Bump” carrying us into a new decade.

President Trump will complete his first term as the first president since Carter to finish his first term without taking us into a new war.

In the 2020 election, President Trump will receive the highest percentage of black and Hispanic votes of any Republican since FDR.

Unless there is a forum devised to take the process out of the hands of the highly partisan supposedly nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, President Trump will skip these opportunities for the Democrats who pretend to be journalists, to tip the scales in their candidate’s favor with unfair questions, characterizations, and innuendo. 

The stock market will follow the impeachment show. If it looks like the President will be removed, it will fall; if it looks like he will be exonerated, it will rise.  

Same thing with the election. Trump winning = stock market goes up. Trump losing = stock market goes down.

If the neo-cons and Democrats manage to manufacture a war Trump can’t avoid, or if they succeed in sinking the economy, all bets are off and Venezuela, here we come.

China will continue to swallow Africa, stamp out freedom in Hong Kong, intimidate Taiwan, sign a major treaty with the Philippians, accelerate their defense build-up, launch more probes to the moon, and violate every trade deal they sign with the USA.   

Putin will orchestrate the reunification of Russia, with Belarus opening the door for him to remain in the presidency beyond the end of his second-second term.

Brexit is a done deal. After which, Britain will sign a new trade treaty with the USA as it rebuilds its links with Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Italy will swing back to the right.

Hungary and Poland will continue to turn away from the centralizing bureaucrats in Brussels.  

The climate cult will continue to chatter away while the world spins on as usual.

Sweden’s society will buckle under the weight of EU-mandated refugee resettlement. 

Great Britain will face increasing calls for both Scottish independence and the unification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland.

Catalonia will continue its efforts to break free of Spain.

Libya will degenerate into a full-blown civil war with outside powers fighting a proxy war for control of its oil.

Japan will begin a major re-armament campaign.

The declining purchase of Fed T-Bills by foreigners means that the Fed’s monetization of our ever-increasing debt will accelerate in 2020.

Marijuana will become legal in several more states.

The United Methodist Church will split over gay marriage and the ordination of homosexuals.

The Roman Catholic Church will be wracked by scandals at the highest levels of the Vatican.

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday and it’s all up to God.  So, no matter what happens in the coming year, if we hold on to Him, we’ll eventually trade this transitory here for an eternity there.


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