“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” — John 1:5


Light is here, stronger than any darkness we or our city might face. This time of year we remember that Hope entered the world for the sole purpose of rescue and restoration. God Himself came to earth in human flesh to rescue His people and His world from the evil one and to restore all things to Himself. This is a grand story, arcing across all of time and finding its completion when the Great King comes again.


Praise be to God that He is not only concerned with a future restoration. Even now, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is fighting back the darkness; He is shining light on the shadowy places of this world and declaring “No more!” Each day restoration and rescue happen wherever God’s light is shown.


Here is how the story goes…


We receive the call.  She is scared, terrified for her life.  She is hiding behind a dumpster, a building, or inside a restroom and has nowhere to go.  “What do I do?” she whispers in a whimper.  “Can you help me?” she pleads.  These are the shadowy places of this world.  These are real places.  The darkness is felt here– it is heavy, it is petrifying, it is a place where most would rather die than live.


We answer the call.  We tell her help is on the way.  “Thank you,” she sobs — a ray of hope has been planted in her soul.  This is where God’s light is shown.  Help arrives and takes her away from the devastation she has experienced.  She is taken to a safe place.  She is given what she needs.  She is able to grow in hope, joy, and transformation.  She believes she was made on purpose for a purpose.  She believes she has a future and a hope.


As His people, we are privileged with His authority and His power. We are agents of light in this dark world, charged with exposing what is evil for the purpose of restoring what is good. God passionately fights against injustice, and He invites us to join Him in this world-changing campaign. At Garden Gate Ranch we recognize the war that is waged around each precious woman we seek to serve, and we thank God for His good plan of rescue and for the victory that is already won.


This Christmas we invite you to join us in praising God for His wisdom and His sacrifice as a little baby in a manger came to change the world for the love of each one.  We invite you also, to join us in providing the above hope to each young woman who overcomes sex trafficking.  Garden Gate Ranch is seeking to open their immediate rescue home – “The Pathway House”. This home will offer freedom to 20 women at once, serving 120 women per year.


Will you help us help her?

Together we can make a difference.

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