(Possible Root Causes of Male Homosexuality)

While each person seeking to address and overcome the brokenness of same-sex attraction is different (we are all composites of past life experiences), the following factors can have extreme implications and bearing upon one’s sense of gender identity.

First and foremost we must consider the Biblical truths…

We are born into a fallen world, and we all struggle with a sinful nature.

Meaning? We are all broken and our brokenness is going to manifest in some form which will differ from person to person.

Then consider the following potentially causative factors…

Abuse: mental, emotional, sexual
Exposure to pornography
Personality temperament and interest
Negative body image
Peer pressure
Family dynamics
Incest or molestation

Now, once again, please look at the list of possible contributing factors to the brokenness of same-sex attraction, and realize that the above mentioned happened during the formative years of the child (between 2 and 11 years old) of which they had no control over what was happening to them.

My point?

This fact should make each and everyone more understanding, patient and compassionate.

Working through character faults, past hurts and deep wounds, immaturity and insecurity is a long process for everyone, not just the recovering homosexual.

One factor in the recovery process that is not under anyone’s control is God’s sovereignty.

For reasons which cannot be explained, God chooses to work more quickly in some lives than in others.

Regardless of the pace of change or the time period involved, genuine change is most definitely worth the process and effort.

Change is a cooperative venture between God and ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit.

“…with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

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As a former homosexual, I know this topic from the inside out. For years I struggled with unwanted same-sex attraction and eventually gave in to the notion that “once gay, always gay.” Culture told me I was born with same-sex attraction and that I couldn’t change.

Like many others, I had a sense from a young age that something wasn’t quite right. As childhood rolled into my teens, the difference I felt became a reality. I was homosexual. On the outside, I looked successful. I had a killer wardrobe, traveled to exotic places, had beautiful friends and an income that supported my party life and hard drugs. But I remember often thinking, this isn’t the way I should be.

It took hitting rock bottom before I could look up. One night I was sitting in my apartment. I looked around at all my expensive things: my new car, the closets full of clothes, the displayed artwork. With another glance, I realized I had enormous debt, a body riddled with drugs, not a friend in sight, and the absence of any hope. Sitting there with my eyes closed, I heard myself say, “God, I am going down for the last count. If you’re there and listening, please….”

I remember a bright light penetrating my tightly shut eyes.

I felt an embrace around me, and all the things I felt caught in seemed to drop to the floor. Immediately, I wanted to go to church. That was definitely a major surprise, if not a miracle. It was October 5th, 1985.

At church for the first time, I found pastors that I felt safe enough to share my journey with. They counseled and mentored me back into wholeness. Books from those who had stepped out of homosexuality also gave me the guidance I sought and helped me find a way forward.

During the first six months after I decided to pursue change, I stopped doing all drugs and totally removed myself from all associations with homosexual activity. The 35 years prior to my conversion were difficult, to say the least. But I’m now approaching 33 years of a very changed and more fulfilling life.

In 1993, I was diagnosed with the AIDS virus. After many years of celibacy, I thought I had escaped the possibility. There have been times of frustration and fear since, but instead of hopelessness, I now fully enjoy my life and look forward to the future.