If you caught the not long ago digitally published editorial, by the Des Moines Register, Drew Zahn, Communications Director of The Family Leader stands up against the Register’s Rehka Basu who asserts that science has not established the beating heart of a fetus equal to that of a newborn’s heart beating.  Zahn, like a machine gun rat a tat tat’s evidence to the contrary.

Between you, me, and anyone with a smidgen of common sense, life begins at conception. Certainly a zygote found on the planet Mars would have the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shouting “mission accomplished!”  But seemingly in the minds of liberal zealots a zygote is as unimportant as the dried out turkey left over from thanksgiving dinner.


Forever captured in publication is Rehka Basu’s support of the unborn?  She may be unaware that making the following statement, concerning the states’ representing attorney, could give Judge Michael Huppert something more to consider as he sorts out recent arguments of whether the heart beat bill is grossly unconstitutional.  Huppert admits that his decision may very well take the allowable 60 days.  Here’s Basu’s statement “…his central argument hinged on a premise that has never been recognized as fact: That a fetus becomes a baby once it has a heartbeat”. Basu continues to swaddle the unborn, seemingly understanding conservative wisdom.  “Had that been established, the U.S. Supreme Court wouldn’t have recognized women’s constitutional right to abortions in its 1973 landmark ruling on Roe v. Wade.” Basu essentially puts the baby down for its nap after solidifying abortion as a belief system saying, “They wouldn’t sanction legal murder”. Meaning that if the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against women’s constitutional right to an abortion the states would not sanction or authorize what would therefore be considered murder.


So, let me ask again. Has Rehka Basu, who some say is too far left to comprehend, begun to set the record straight? Has science already proven a fetus to be, in fact, a baby?