About 3 months ago, as I was waking up in the morning, the Lord put two words into my mind that I don’t believe I had ever heard before. I had to google to even figure out how to spell them, but as I looked at the definitions, I immediately knew I had to write this article.












In Ancient Greece, the temples of Diana, Artemis, and the other goddesses offered temple prostitution as a form of worship. These spirits were so strong that they followed people into today’s church and still bring corruption.


Romans 7:8 tells us how Satan or Lucifer used scripture to produce coveting in Eve in the Garden. He told her God was “withholding a good thing from her and Adam. That if they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would become like God”. The enemy used lies, deceit and suggestion on her and is using it on the church today.


I Thessalonians 4:3-5 says, “be sanctified, avoid sexual immorality, control your body (read Romans 12:1-2) in a way that is holy and honorable. Don’t have passionate LUST like the pagans.”


Coveting began in Lucifer when he stood behind the throne of God and listened to the triune God make plans to create man in God’s own image. He heard them say that man would be God’s treasure (Exodus 19-5) and that angels would be ministering spirits to mankind. Up until this point, Lucifer and the angels had been God’s highest creation and enjoyed that position very much. Lucifer became filled with anger, hostility and enmity against man before God ever created him and immediately began to form plans to destroy this affront to his place in God. God knew what was in Lucifer’s heart and included salvation in His plan for man. Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. We need to see here that God knew everything ahead of time and made a provision for everything. Jesus Himself knew and accepted the fact that He would make this complete sacrifice when it was time.


Lucifer became Satan and from the beginning of mankind has done everything he could to corrupt the relationship God desires with His people. One of the biggest ways he does this is through the spirits of concupiscence and prurience. Satan has taken man’s natural desire to be one with God and caused fallen man to want to be one with each other. Hence, homosexuality. Remember, God said we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. In the pagan temple worship, temple prostitution was regarded as worship. As Satan causes men and women to lust after each other, he is able to bring perversion to God’s highest creation in this form of false “temple worship”.

People are perishing from lack of knowledge, and the church has slipped into a tolerance of this because they don’t want to be seen as judgmental and harsh. THIS IS SATAN’S PLAN. We must wake up and be willing to call sin, sin.


God’s love provides us with the way to love the sinner and hate the sin. But if the mainline conservative church continues to show harshness to people trapped in a prurient or concupiscent lifestyle, instead of explaining that our love for them breaks our hearts because of what they have been deceived into believing, we will never convince anyone that God is love! The Word says “they will know us by our love”. Let us become so filled with the Spirit of the Living God that we are able to have His wisdom as we witness to people in bondage to Satan’s lies.