Many have heard the news regarding banning “conversion” therapy.  Let me be clear. I am against any form of counseling that would harm an individual. Sure, there are instances in which some individuals were traumatized by conversion therapy but they are the exception, not the norm. Just like the numerous medical professionals who care about their patients, unfortunately, some within the medical community have intentionally harmed their patients.  Why not outlaw all forms of medical procedures? The fear-mongering by LGBT activists suggesting that every counselor is out to hurt LGBT individuals is disgraceful.  


I’m the son of a Baptist minister and spent 25 years in the homosexual lifestyle before God delivered me from that bondage. Because of counseling, and the work of the Holy Spirit, I was able to work through numerous issues in order to get the healing I needed in order to walk out of that life. 


I have had decades of counseling by several therapists ranging from Christians to unbelievers, heterosexual to homosexual. I was never ridiculed, belittled, or disrespected because of my faith and the struggle with my same-sex attraction. My counselors were nothing but kind, considerate, and compassionate.


Government officials and LGBT activists need to understand that regardless of where a parent stands on the issue of homosexuality, being a teenager is hard enough without the added pressure of struggling with a same-sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria. Children need a safe place to talk about what they’re struggling with and help make sense of it. To deny them this right could lead to despair, depression, even suicide.


Additionally, not all LGBT individuals want these feelings. Many desire to have a spouse and children. They have every right to get whatever counseling is needed to find healing and wholeness in order to live the life they desire. Not everyone wants to be a homosexual. No one has a right to mandate that people should be saddled with unwanted feelings and desires.


Laws have been implemented around the world in which parents are threatened with jail time and/or having their child removed from the home if they object to their 7-year-old son wanting to have his penis removed because he thinks he’s a girl. The same laws threaten counselors, even medical professionals, with jail time should they not affirm the child’s desire to change his/her gender. This is already starting to happen in America! You have to be 16 to drive, 18 to vote, and 21 to buy alcohol, but pre-teen children are being allowed to make life-altering decisions to change their gender? Outrageous!


The Democrats not only support murdering babies in the womb, but they are pushing policies that are destroying the minds and lives of your children. They are also making sure the laws usurp your right as a parent. Infuriating? Stop voting Democrat! We must fight for the children!