Boundaries are the stuff of being. Nothing in the universe survives without defined limits of its existence. Consider the astronomic realm. All heavenly bodies, from asteroids to entire galaxies, are subject to gravity and other operational forces which regulate their movements and prevent utter chaos. Occasional collisions notwithstanding, the vast majority of the material inhabitants of space resemble an enormous square dance being cued by a master director.


Or consider the biological realm. Every living creature, from single cell organisms to the most sophisticated life forms, depend on the integrity of the space they occupy for continued well-being. If cell walls are penetrated, or key organs pierced, illness or death follows. Everything depends on keeping boundaries intact and only permitting the admission of things beneficial to the organism. 


Or, again, consider the realm of geographic habitation. All of us live in defined, defensible territories from which we draw the necessities of life. We spring from a home with doors that may be locked to preserve privacy. We might live in a city with prescribed limits, within a county line, as part of a particular state, which constitutes part of a country whose border tells the world who we are and what must be respected about us. The fact is, without all the various geographic boundaries of our existence we would have no place to call our own.


Or, consider the foundational need of humanity to structure political and social activities in an amicable, cooperative fashion. The form and conduct of government must be agreed to, and the manner of community relationships widely accepted or no coherent pattern of life together is possible. Even the youngest among us understand this. When I was five years old, the boys in my neighborhood loved to play war games. Lining up opposite each other, they pointed fingers and sticks at each other, loudly making banging noises. I saw a rock I thought would make a good hand grenade. But when I threw it, I got a stern reminder that no one was to be hurt when we played war games. Social and political boundaries spring from God-given principles implanted in our hearts. We ignore them at our peril.


The same could be said about personal conduct. Moral, ethical, legal, and spiritual guidelines for behavior have been in place for thousands of years. They arise from the same God-given principles that lead boys to make rules for war games. Ignoring or defying historic guidelines for our actions can result in personal and community disaster.


Nevertheless, defying norms of behavior has happened often, sometimes because of

out-of-control impulses and sometimes through deliberate, cynical choices. No matter how long-standing, how widely accepted, or how sacred behavioral norms may be, once an individual or group feels a deep need to do so they suspend them to suit their aims and goals.


A recent example of a constituency seeking their own interests is the LGBTQIAP, etc. movement. Their deeply felt needs for identity and behavior must be accepted and approved regardless of physical or non-physical boundaries ordinarily applied in the past. They claim they are subject to fixed orientations which make it impossible to do anything but obey their desires.


Something else boundary breakers frequently engage in is the use of force to make those who disagree with them comply with their assumptions and practices. For example, in 1886 the ruler of the Bagandan people in Uganda had a group of Catholic and Anglican court pages executed for refusing homosexual relations with him. Some of the young men he had killed were only thirteen years of age. The LGBTQIAP, etc. constituency has not, to date, engaged in executions, but they have engaged in a plethora of prosecutions. These are based on social and legal pressures made possible through laws, regulations, and policies the LGBTQIAP, etc. constituency helped to institute. Their aggressive stance has led to jobs lost, professions destroyed, businesses closed, schools forced to accommodate same-sex and gender-diverse propaganda, religious practices condemned, conscientious beliefs scorned, students’ grades and standing compromised, free speech abridged, objective scientific research shut down, churches divided, completely subjective court decisions, deep political polarization, and an increasingly dangerous public anger. LGBTQIAP, etc. supporters have declared war on anyone or anything that stands between them and the full, complete implementation of their agenda. They seek the abject acquiescence of society to their demands. In terms of their attitude, they are no different than the Bagandan ruler.


But that ruler and his administrators are long dead. He is no longer a threat to the young men of Uganda. Like him, the LGBTQIAP, etc. movement will languish and die. They may cause enormous mischief and loss before they are no more. Nevertheless, the reality of humanity as male and female and the true meaning of sexuality will break through the nonsense pouring out of their mouths and onto the public stage. Their performance has a limited venue and a limited length of days before it slides into the record books as just another diversion from God’s intentions. 


Sincerely yours,

Dr. William P. Tarbell