Never have so many choices been available to us. Shopping for gifts presents us with a staggering number of possibilities. Types and models of vehicles vary greatly and limit us only to what we can afford. We can also shop for an ideology friendly to our desires. All we have to do is look for an accommodating religion, or political party, or club, or set of ideas that supports what we want out of life. Then, having made our choice, we defend it against all comers regardless of any evidence contrary to our decision.

Of course, there are limitations to what we can choose. We do not choose to be born. Nor do we select the race or place of our birth. As a human being, we can only function within a given set of physical laws. For example, stepping out of a plane at 10,000 feet without a parachute results in a sudden cessation of all choices. We are also ordinarily constrained by moral and legal boundaries, although, as is crystal clear in recent decades, we can choose to defy such boundaries. Nevertheless, no matter what behaviors we engage in, the final test of their validity is determined by reality grounded in foundational principles set by God.

But now a huge irony has gripped Western culture. On the one hand we are told we can disregard the physical endowments we are born with and choose an identity commensurate with more than a hundred different gender states. On the other hand we are told that those gender states and our sexual “orientations” are fixed physiological and psychological factors which cannot be chosen or changed by any conscious choice we may endeavor to make. The only decision we have to make, so to speak, is to discover through an examination of our feelings what gender or orientation has been instilled in us and then obey the directives they demand. No other choice is possible. 

The irony goes deeper. The LGBTQIAP, etc. and their supporters have chosen to force their views on gender and orientation into every part of society. Finding sympathetic ears in places of power in city councils, media, legislatures, school boards, church assemblies, and other leading influencers has released a blizzard of laws and regulations in order to place leashes on the consciences of all Americans, religious and nonreligious alike. So all of us, under the threat of penalties, are obliged to treat as scientific fact the unreality of a person choosing to disregard the body received at birth in order to submit to a predetermined identity and behavior which they did not choose and which cannot, indeed must not, be subject to change whether or not a conscientious choice is made to pursue it. So, choices made are no choice at all.

So far, the incredible irony just described is supposed to be limited to matters of sexuality and gender. The crown of thorns being forcefully placed on the head of society by the LGBTQIAP, etc. constituency has no effect on anything, they say, other than the fields of interest they represent. Apparently they do not understand that law which condemns religious beliefs, undermines scientific research, impedes free speech, and divides the body politic is a potent cancer spreading throughout the entire constitutional and constitutive framework of community. Their crown of thorns is merely the beginning of the crucifixion of civilization.

It is of key importance to understand that, in spite of limitations placed upon us by circumstances beyond our control, we are responsible for what we choose to be and do. Whatever forces press us from within ourselves or from outside sources, we must choose our responses in accord with foundational principles that preserve and protect humanity. If we cannot do that, as LGBTQIAP, etc. dogma claims, we are no longer human beings. We are creatures of instinct. Conscience is absolutely of no value. When it comes to any area of human competence, no choice, no humanity. Period.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. William P. Tarbell                                                                                                                                               4251 Desert Rain Ct.                                                                                                                                                              Sparks, NV 89436 Telephone: (803) 920-4060