Sammy, my favorite resident squirrel, was back on his perch this morning.  He usually sits there around 6:30 or 7 a.m.  His perch is a small piece of a branch about 25 feet up the ash tree in the back yard along the alley.  He sits there every morning, his long fluffy red tail hidden by the tree trunk and his little head down over the end.  I’m never sure whether he’s simply napping there in the rising sun (his perch faces east) or if he’s meditating about his day.  Do the lower animals actually think?  Are they equipped to?  Whatever he does there, I watch him, enjoying his stillness, wondering what he’s thinking.


On these quiet sunny mornings he lies there, not moving, occasionally running a tiny paw across his face, being still in the warmth of the sun.  I never see him there on overcast or rainy days.  So maybe his animal instincts just tell him he needs the benefits of the sun for his good health, just as humans do.


But what if Sammy actually is meditating, contemplating-planning his day?  What if these so-called lesser mammals really are smarter than we think and we have failed to learn the significant lessons of God’s nature by not paying more attention to them?


Watching Sammy on these days when he’s out there, perhaps only resting, inspires me to slow down and think about my own life.  I used to have a note pasted on my computer that said “Be still and listen to the small voice inside you.”  As my life picked up speed, as all of our lives seem to do, I would read it when I worked, but mostly I just signed and stayed on the fat and ever faster track of my daily life.  However, when I began to see this little guy each day out my window, just sitting there for a while I realized I was ignoring a very important message from God.


In today’s world, it seems we are rushing steadily downhill, sleeping less, working more, worrying about things that we honestly believe are the most important in our lives, and never stopping to contemplate what really is.  Or what purpose we should be pursuing in our life before we leave it.  How are we to know what our real purpose should be?  I believe if you ask the Lord, He will lead you to the answer.


My paternal grandmother, one of the most Christian people I ever knew, suffered the last twenty years of her long life with a form of slow growing cancer.  Her condition would get critical and we would rush to Kansas to be with her.  Then, she would rally and go home again.  We talked about those close calls once, and she said she believed the Lord would not call her Home until she had completed her purpose for being here.  I believe she was right.  In spite of having come very close several times myself to leaving this life, I’m still here.  Apparently, I have not fulfilled my purpose yet.


Whatever your faith, no one who reaches adulthood fails to ask themselves at one time or another, why am I here?  What is my true purpose in the short time I will be here?  Is it really to spend my time and energy hustling after a better job, more stuff, or greater prestige in our society?  If you have not discovered your true purpose, perhaps it’s time you ask the Lord to help you find it.