Precious Heart what do you hear?

Do you know the treasure set before you dear?

This soul before you Takes a Life Time to mature and ocean of depth to explore.

The Unseen in this being is so much more.

And a relationship to open New Horizons and freedom of deeds to make and form this being into something more than gold and diamonds and material things.

The granted we take we should be ashamed of, for the outside is the vessel and the inside is the treasure and that will be made known.

Precious Heart what do you see.

Do you see a heart of a king.

Do you understand what’s inside this being?

Don’t quickly judge l from the outside the inside for the measure you judge you will be judged by.

Don’t dismiss somebody whose there and when you choose to speak let your words Be with care.

You represent the Lord and not your daily fare.

Don’t let your opinion be what that Precious Heart will hear.

Let words of life light their way.

And let it be the words of Jesus that you say.


Sandra Garr