“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much”.  Luke 16:10 ESV.


As the political momentum continues to shift there is good reason to declare righteousness as the winner.  2016 marked the beginning of a paradigm where millions of persons voted for the possibilities of righteousness where the swamps of political corruption would be no more, this is being realized.  Their voice, our voice has been heard by God’s great faithfulness.  Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of American.  Since his inception the idols of idolatry are shacking.  Likened to King Cyrus President Trump continues to fight for the righteous, those bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Today, the rhythm that courses through the nation is righteousness.  Not a righteousness from a demand of an adherence to statue, but righteousness demanded by the basics of morality, the protection of life and the giving of life.  We the people are beginning to demand a correction to the errors of abortion, a rescue to those forced into the sex trade, and recognition to the lost and forgotten.

I have been told that a candidate’s stand for these basic moralities should not be the primary factor when deciding who should be our next Iowa governor.  Although I am not particularly fond of Governor Reynold’s demeanor, on the basis of a personal encounter with the public servant, she has taken a stand for life.  She has courageously pioneered the building of a road that may finally bring protection to the unborn that has been desperately needed since 1973.  But should her courage be the key that opens the governor’s mansion?  You’ll have to decide for yourselves.  Every vote counts.

Government officials who are responsible for the welfare of its people, but neglect the least of its citizens are found to be unfaithful in “very little”.  The centuries old conclusion is that he who governs unfaithfully in very little will be unfaithful in much, just as the Lord Jesus explains.  Leaders regardless of party affiliation that continue to disband movements supporting the lost, unwanted, widowed, fatherless, and the unborn will be without a doubt unfaithful to the concerns of everyone around them but to the mammon they worship.

Therefore is important to cast your vote 11/06/2018 and choose by way of an anchored leading of the Holy Spirit.