242 years ago 13 colonies of resourceful people gained independence from the mother-land.  The resourcefulness and ingenuity resulted in growth and a prosperous future led to a better life, developing a civilization never before experienced by the world. Our forefathers were strong individuals who sought to better themselves in a culture honoring the Almighty God, giving respect to others, and choosing free enterprise as a means of doing business.  For these reasons our beloved country prospered and grew, implementing new and innovative ideas in government, industry, and agriculture. We became a nation, “shining upon a hill”, a melting pot of various cultures and nationalities that lead the world to the industrial age.  Our country was transported from the era of the buggy whip, wooden plow, and the ox cart to the jet age.  This is a true blessing from the Almighty God.  Our gratitude was corporately shared by honoring Him.

How quickly we have become, as Israel did, a nation who forgot its roots and turned from our creator to run and rule by our own devices.  What we are experiencing as a result in our new declining culture is a desire to have an “it’s all about me” frame of mind.  Our leadership, divided into two major political parties have now drawn lines and dug in not willing to cooperate with each other when enacting legislation, enforcing current law, electing a president, seating a supreme court justice, or even giving truth in media reporting of the events.  Statements and actions by our current duly elected leadership are intentionally misinterpreted by bias media reporting.  Bias is the standard of the day while truth and righteousness are cast out in an attempt to obtain power and control.  The idea that winning is the ultimate goal leaving out common sense, legislation for the good of the country, and abandoning the “Golden Rule” has brought us to a point of contention and the desire to destroy the opposition at all costs.  Civility and compassion are by-gone words today.

In history, a civil war has an origin beginning with two opposing world views, people unwilling to compromise, lines being drawn in the sand, and an attitude of digging in and not budging. We now have seated senators calling for civil disruption of private lives of those who work for our president.  This should be considered inciting riot because there are useful idiots among us with perverted minds willing to do the bidding of the “cause” that is paramount in their sick view of what will result from their actions.

America has been a safe place where rule of law prevailed.  Sadly, today that has changed.  We are experiencing an influx of illegal aliens flowing over our southern border, coming here with women and children seeking to better themselves and their way of life.  Our laws prohibit illegal entry into the US.  There is a path to citizenship spelled out clearly in seated, time honored, immigration law.  It has worked for centuries.  Lately, previous administrations in Washington have told the border patrol to stand down and ignore the stated laws allowing illicit drugs, sex traffickers, terrorists, and known felons free access into our sovereign land.   Giving citizenship to “anchor babies” by intentionally misinterpreting the 14th amendment, openly welcoming the off spring of illegal aliens into full citizenship, was common practice.  Recently, detained illegal aliens have been released with their promise that they would later appear in court.  Of course the “border law breaker” never again appears and lived under the radar from then on.  As a result, our government housed them, gave them driver’s licenses, educated their off spring, gave them medical care and issued them food stamps all the while they refuse to adopt English as their primary language and demand that the holidays of their original nation be celebrated here.  Some liberal cities have taken on the role of “sanctuary cities status” taxing the legitimate citizens to subsidize the illegal aliens who have learned quickly to leach off the backs of the American taxpayer.  This has resulted in the citizens of those cities experiencing local governments that cannot financially sustain this wild and reckless behavior.

We, as Americans, cannot remain silent and complacent to the subtle degrading change taking place.  We must demand that our leadership abide by the law and work tirelessly to maintain the sovereignty of our Great Nation.  If we fail to hold them accountable while doing the “people’s work” we will be changed into a third world banana republic of lawless individuals leading to our ultimate demise as a dominate world power and self- governing nation.  Our civil rights will be erased and our way of life will be changed for the worse for ever.

It’s not too late but we must act now and vet our elected candidates to discern those who will up hold our laws and stand in the gap for “we the people”.  The evil one is alive and well but we have a much greater power on our side if we but honor Him, trust Him, and seek discernment from Him.  With that comes responsibility of gaining knowledge of our elected representatives and their beliefs.  Then we must work to support the “right ones” and continue to hold their feet to the fire on our behalf.