I was on my way to work one morning, from my home in Sully, to one of my seven weekly cleaning jobs in nearby Newton.  But the early morning fog was so thick I could barely see the sides of the road well enough to keep me on the Killduff road.  I hoped the fog wouldn’t be this bad up on the interstate.

“Lord, please let me see well enough to get me safely through this mess,” I prayed, as I slowly continued on.  Then, as I cautiously came up over a hill several miles still south of I-80, I could just make out a really scary scene up ahead.  Two big yellow school buses were sitting front end down in the ditch on my side of the road!  I slowed down even more and came to the top of the hill where a sheriff’s officer was standing in the middle of the road, his arm out, signaling me to stop.  Even through the fog I could see several car lined up n the opposite lane beyond him.  I also could jut barely see other men down in the ditch, looking in the windows of the busses.

Evidently the drivers had just started out on their morning routes, so there were no students on board either bus.  Apparently neither driver seemed to have been hurt when they went into the ditch, thank God!  I could clearly see His hand in this situation.  Everyone was safe in what could have been a very bad accident.

“Thank You, Lord, for keeping us all safe on this dark day”, I whispered.  But then, I looked up into                   my rearview mirror.

“No!”  There, just barely visible through the fog, behind me, I could see the lights of another car speeding down the last hill.  He was going so fast I was sure he was not going to see us stopped here when he crested the hill or be able to slow down quickly enough to avoid crashing into y car.  I looked quickly to my right to see if the men there in the ditch saw him coming.  They didn’t seem to see him at all.  Our two cars would surely crash down onto them when he hit me.

I covered up my head, laid against the steering wheel and yelled “Oh God!”, and waited for the inevitable crash…

Bu nothing happened.  I raised my head and looked behind me.  The car was not there.  I looked at the other ditch across the road.  Nothing.  I looked into this ditch.  The men down there were still just going about their investigation.  I looked forward but saw no sign of that other car’s tail lights going on up the road?  The officer who had stopped us was back in the middle of the road and motioned us all to move on as if nothing unusual had occurred.  I crept through the intersection, looking to the left and the right, hoping to see someone else who might have seen what I saw, or perhaps maybe the other car was in a ditch further up the road.  But no sign of anything out of the ordinary presented itself.  Had any of it even happened?  Or had I simply imagined it all.

The fog had begun to dissipate by the time I made it to the Interstate, and even though I was pretty shook up and considered turning around and going back home, I really needed the day’s works so I went on, still shaking my head over the whole episode.

But, life does go on and I eventually put it behind me.  But on foggy days, it all comes back to me and I always thank God again for looking after me.

“Yea though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear No evil for Thou art will me…”

Psalm 23rd Psalm of David

Several years later, on a foggy day much like that one, a customer from Sully came into the retail store where I was working at the time.  I knew her from back in the day and we talked about the fog.  I recounted my experience of that long past dark day and said that I still wasn’t sure it had really happened the way I remembered it.  She gave me a strange look and then grinned.

“Yes, it really did happen” she said.  “I was in the first car stopped in the other lane on that hill.  That guy came speeding up behind you, swerved around your car, then mine, and sped on down the road  He never even slowed down  The officer who had us all stopped had stepped away toward the ditch and didn’t seem to even see him go by.”  Wow!

One thing we both agreed on.  The Lord was watching over that fog-covered hill top that day, keeping all of us safe.