People often ask how you came out of homosexuality.  My answer is one step at a time.  Most people do not know the origins of homosexuality, and for most people the origins may vary.  But those who have come out of the homosexual lifestyle, our stories are very similar.  They are one of triumph!  We remain saddened that our former homosexual brothers and sisters have found a hatred for us, but we strive in telling the truth about life outside the LGBTQ community, and how the Lord Jesus got us there.

It was in 2015 six years after I had renounced homosexuality.   I was studying underneath a wonderful mentor, Mrs. Hall.  Burdened down with frustration I blurted out my confession.  “Mrs. Hall I still lust after other men’s masculinity!”  “So, what’s wrong with that?” She had said.  Her answer took my by surprise.

For years I had thought lusting after another’s man’s masculinity was homosexuality, but after she explained that it wasn’t wrong to want masculinity for myself I quickly realized how far away I had pushed away my own.  Ever since, I have begun to settle into my own masculinity.  I am no longer afraid of it.  I actually find it a bit satisfying being boyish, feisty, and playful-rough housing with my male peers.   I am blessed to have had a friend like Mrs. Hall.  I am eternally blessed that my Father used her to show me a missing element of life.

Christ Rose Ministries