Let me give you guys an idea of how powerful God is. It was not easy leaving the homosexual/
transgender lifestyle because that’s all I knew.  It’s like being addicted to drugs.  It is hard to quit so a person must go to rehab to get help.  Well it’s almost like that leaving that lifestyle.

I begged God to just allow me and the guy I was in a relationship with to stay together, I would praise him and serve him.  I begged God to please show me a sign that it’s “okay” since me and this guy were in love, it must be okay.  But God said “no son this is not the way, it’s against my commands”.   I kept pleading and begging God, but I finally surrendered.  I told God that I was scared not knowing how to live a saved and righteous life.  Then I heard the kindest voice say, ”trust me”, and I finally said, ”God I trust you.”

God started doing supernatural things in my life and the closer my walk with God the more the     desire of wanting to be with a man was fading away.  So, it was the power of God and the Holy Spirit that broke the strong holds of homosexuality!

If you’re that person who is battling I understand your struggle, but I’m here to tell you that there is a man called Jesus Christ who loves you so much.  He wants you to say yes, and trust the process. Just believe and have faith.  Hope and watch what He will do.
God bless you all!