Hello, my name is Kamara Campbell. I am 25 years old, wife and mother of two little girls, and I am an Ex-homosexual.

I grew up in the church. I knew all about God and how being gay was a sin, but I still couldn’t figure out how to stop the feelings I felt. I eventually started to explore what I felt and found myself going through a whirlwind of drama, pain, hurt, drunkenness, and even addictions. What started out with me crushing on women in the church eventually led to me pursing girls who were underage, and found myself in a statutory rape case. It was that summer of 2013 that I was at home washing dishes when I began to hear a voice speak to me and say “Look at the tree”. At the time, no one was around so I kept on washing dishes. I heard the voice again say “Look at the tree”. So I looked out the window and looked at the tree. The voice then said “Trees have been here since the beginning of time.  We all know that a seed was planted for a tree to grow so tall. The thing is if you asked a little kid how long a tree has been there, they will pretty much say forever not realizing something had to be planted. Homosexuality is the same way. A seed is planted and it grows. Each person who is going through that lifestyle can be found having one of these seeds planted-molestation, rape, rejection, abuse, neglect etc.”

There are many more seeds, but those are just a few. My seed was rejection. I was already rejected by my Father who at the time didn’t want to claim me. Then going through school I was heavily teased especially from the guys because I didn’t look a certain way. That seed of rejection pushed me into finding acceptance with the girls. I never believed I was born gay but I definitely knew that the feelings came at a young age.

So it was that summer when I heard that voice, which later I realized was the Holy Spirit, and I knew there was a better life than this. I was tired of the drinking, clubbing, unstable relationships, and smoking. There was only temporary joys to all these things. I prayed to God that night letting him know I was through with everything. It was not just homosexuality I had to give up, but all the sins I knew I was doing.

November 4, 2013, is when I was 100% fully delivered from homosexuality. Prior events made me let go of old friends and belongings, but throwing them away left me feeling empty inside. That day in November I woke up and heard “You are delivered”! I felt so much joy and happiness inside my heart! I walked around on campus and I couldn’t find any attraction in women whatsoever!

One year later I met my husband and on August 21, 2015, we got married. We have now been married almost 3years with 2 children and I wouldn’t change a thing.

God didn’t change me from being a homosexual to heterosexual, but he changed me from being a homosexual to holiness!