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How Did I Get Here?


(Possible Root Causes of Male Homosexuality)

While each person seeking to address and overcome the brokenness of same-sex attraction is different (we are all composites of past life experiences), the following factors can have extreme implications and bearing upon one’s sense of gender identity.

First and foremost we must consider the Biblical truths…

We are born into a fallen world, and we all struggle with a sinful nature.

Meaning? We are all broken and our brokenness is going to manifest in some form which will differ from person to person.

Then consider the following potentially causative factors…

Abuse: mental, emotional, sexual
Exposure to pornography
Personality temperament and interest
Negative body image
Peer pressure
Family dynamics
Incest or molestation

Now, once again, please look at the list of possible contributing factors to the brokenness of same-sex attraction, and realize that the above mentioned happened during the formative years of the child (between 2 and 11 years old) of which they had no control over what was happening to them.

My point?

This fact should make each and everyone more understanding, patient and compassionate.

Working through character faults, past hurts and deep wounds, immaturity and insecurity is a long process for everyone, not just the recovering homosexual.

One factor in the recovery process that is not under anyone’s control is God’s sovereignty.

For reasons which cannot be explained, God chooses to work more quickly in some lives than in others.

Regardless of the pace of change or the time period involved, genuine change is most definitely worth the process and effort.

Change is a cooperative venture between God and ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit.

“…with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26)

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