In the early twentieth century eugenicists thought they had the science necessary to create superior human beings. By eliminating certain people groups and selectively breeding quality candidates, they could do away with defective traits and establish a new and better humanity. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, looked to such science as a rationale for “weeding out” people of color. And Hitler welcomed eugenics as a basis for his hatred of Slavic peoples and, of course, Jews. What eugenicists did not recognize was their own ignorance of physical factors uniting all human beings and their own bias which caused them to accept without question the so-called science supporting eugenics. In retrospect, that combination of ignorance and arrogance caused enormous suffering and loss.

Something similar is happening today. Legislators, executives, judges, governmental agencies, large private companies, educators, and even religious leaders are creating law, regulation, and policies grounded in ignorance of human personality while, at the same moment, claiming a science which does not exist. They are doing so out of loyalty to a system of beliefs rather than paying due attention to known facts about human sexuality and gender.

Some of those facts are as follows. Although deeply entrenched addictions may occur, no fixed, unchangeable orientations in human personality exists. Claims of behavior caused by orientation destroy free conscientious choice, the cornerstone of all law, morality, ethics and religious spirituality. The dogma of fixed orientation can be extended to all human activities including all sexual expressions. No one has the knowledge or authority to establish specific details on the workings of human personality. Two, and only two genders exist in human community, namely male and female, woman and man. The two genders can engage in a variety of expressions, but not in an actual exchange of identity. Gender fluidity is nonsense. Gender is DNA deep. Transgender, though deeply felt, cannot be physically actualized. A sexual imperative drives all Western thinking on sexuality. Millions of people have, for personal or religious reasons, chosen to remain celibate for their lifetimes. Mandating same-sex or gender diverse policies in schools pits traditional beliefs against unfounded belief systems, makes special case scenarios for certain students, and uses public funds to advance an unscientific, biased agenda. Both marriage and family are essentially binary and heteronormative or humanity will cease to exist.

Facts notwithstanding, arrogance dictates that public institutions and private entities will embrace what ignorance allows. The lack of genuine science, as with eugenics, is no barrier to the willful imposition of the desired agenda regardless of the outcome. The outcome of eugenics was utter disaster. The current blending of ignorance and arrogance on human sexuality is just as dangerous, perhaps even more so.