Last year, and all the years since 1990, the US took in 1 million legal immigrants.  This body of people comes here for a better way of life from countries that don’t have the opportunities we offer here.  The world is a poor place with countless millions living in sheer poverty and squalor.  This incredibly small number of one million immigrants doesn’t even make a dent in the 80 million that are added to the world poor every year.   Those who speak out for more immigration into our great country are fooling themselves, believing it is making a difference.

Those who immigrate legally are some of the best that this immigrant population has to offer.  They are diligent enough to have followed the rules set down for their arrival and wait the proper time to do so.  They are, for the most part, hard-working and have the drive to learn and achieve in their new culture.  They rear their children with the desire that they get an advanced education. They learn our language, follow our laws, and honor our flag and our national holidays.  These people seem to excel, sometimes greater than our natural born population.  Many become educated and skilled in various trades needed here as they become a vital part of our culture.  This is what made America from the start.

Now let’s evaluate the illegal aliens who sneak in here, crossing our borders by breaking our laws.  They are uneducated, poor, unskilled, and many times have been involved in criminal activity.  These poachers come here waving the flag of their native country and work off the grid for cash on a daily basis.  They live undocumented yet seem to have mastered the skill of using our welfare system.  Where large portions of this alien population are congregated, they choose not to speak our language.  They demand that government papers be in their native tongue.  They comprise 63% of the welfare dollars we extend to recipients.  Many become leaches on the state consequently bankrupting our local governments, hospitals, and welfare systems.  Some of these abuses are self-inflicted because the elite, bleeding heart liberals running the show have created sanctuary cities and safe harbor for the law breakers.  This, being done for the self-gratification of being humanitarian, gives them the warm fuzzy feeling of really helping the poor and down-trodden.  This, I contend, is done by spending someone else’s money and gets them votes so they can stay in office.

Now let’s evaluate why we might need to have an influx of immigrant peoples into the US.  Our birth rate is down to an nonsustaining rate, and we are not replenishing ourselves with the next generation to fill the void when we leave this planet.

What could be the reason for this?

I will give you my evaluation as to why we are not producing offspring in great enough numbers to sustain our present population.  The government and our economic system are the culprit.  Our government has become so large and bloated with all the “necessities” that our bureaucrats have put in place to satisfy their voter base that our tax structure takes the best of all the pay checks right off the top.

Our keeping up with the “Joneses” who have the things that entice have placed a needless burden on the newly established marriage.  Young folks are waiting longer to marry, and once they have done so they pursue their careers until the biological clock is about to run out.  Some choose to cohabitate and never marry.  They have determined the costs incurred and the time required to rear children are greater than the desire to have a large family.  Many of the young folks who seek to achieve the economic rung on the ladder of success will sacrifice the family structure that comes with rearing the children while getting “things” that seem so vital at the time.

One more very real cause of declining population is what has occurred since Roe V Wade sixty million babies have been murdered in the womb leaving a deficit of people to fill the ranks of citizens.  Our own careless disregard for God’s greatest gift has left us broken in the standpoint of not having enough young people to replenish an aging population.

What is success?

That is something different to every one of us, but the affluent society has carved out a path that seems to say: we have to have the nice things, be monetarily self-sustaining, and build a nest egg for future retirement.  This is paramount in one’s life.  It is sad that the real values in life are overlooked while reaching for the brass ring of success.  I haven’t seen a dying man yet ask for his check book.  He wishes to be with his family when the final curtain is called.  I would hope that the young generation awakens to the realization of what they are doing and change their habits to encourage larger families, thus turning the tide that is moving in the wrong direction.