Greg Johnson, pastor of the Presbyterian Memorial Church in St Louis, MO may be advocating homosexuality as a “fixed orientation”.  Recently, his church hosted “Revoice18” an already held conference in St. Louis that works to “Promote LGBT Flourishing in Historic Christian Traditions”, sounds a bit Pharisaical.  Greg Johnson and his flock who, some say, are being caught up in “new age” views of human sexuality.  May God restore and prevent the work of Johnson and his followers who are causing the LGBT identified an arousal of their sinful passions.


By advocating an ordinance to a several thousand year old Mosaic law prescribed to the Jewish nation the struggling sinner is weighted down by a prescription that cannot bring restoration.  This possible new age flock call their long tasseled pharisaical demand “Christian sexual ethic”.  “Right now, there are a lot of alternative voices out there offering a revisionist interpretation of the Bible’s sexual teaching-promising that a new sexual ethic can help same-sex attracted Christians flourish”, said Johnson.


To this born again believer (me) Johnson seems to imply that since you were “born” gay with a fixed homosexual orientation, you better control it and not act on it or else!   Greg Johnson and his followers suggest that gay and Christianity can mix but not in the bedroom!  Johnson has revealed his position on sexual orientation as “fluid for some”.  He also sites reparative therapy as “dangerous” accusing Stephen Black, executive director of First Stone Ministries of falsifying his claim that 73% of men counseled find lasting freedom from their once thought fixed homosexual orientation.  73.1% if you include me in Stephen Black’s success rate.


Greg Johnson, may have falsified information with the ripened harvest that the Cross of Jesus Christ is no match for homosexuality, “For those of you who do not know, conversion therapy is dangerous and generally does not work.”  Is Johnson referring to electro shock therapy or the cross of Jesus Christ!


Thousands upon thousands of men throughout the generations including Stephen Black and myself are experiencing freedom from homosexual “orientation”.  Our individual and separate claim is that God has washed us, sanctified us, and justified us in the name of Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God as stated in 1 Corinthians 6:11.  There is no need to follow any law which arouses sinful passion, but to rest in the grace of Jesus Christ, His promise that we are a “new creation” who fulfill God’s law, His moral standards.


There is no doubt that Johnson’s seminary exit exam demonstrates his understanding of sanctification as taught by his educational institution.  This St. Louis pastor fails to promote God’s plan for man’s sinful condition, by hosting an event that demands LGBT identified persons to adhere to God’s law, remaining celibate with no hope of resting in the finished work of the cross.  My heart goes out to those who follow this kind of teaching as they will never find rest of Jesus Christ “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.  Matthew 11:28.  The very words of Jesus Christ, the instruction is understood and brings peace to the soul.  Following after the law will never bring about salvation’s restoration.  Fool me once pastor shame on me, fool me for a lifetime shame on you.


My personal restoration started with the same, very ridiculous notion.  “I promise to be celibate for life.”   These very common commitments never last under the strength of a regenerate man.  Uttering these words gave me hope.  For any Pharisaical pastor this would be exactly what they would demand, but any man appointed as a pastor by the command of God would never have a member of his fold live a life of celibacy, unless he was gifted to do so.


Here is the problem.  If you believe that a man born into sin is stitched with a natural, innate, immutable propensity to lie with a man as he would lie with a women, but demand an abstinence to the presumed natural sexual expression, and then culture a “discipline” so that your disciple will avoid the pits of hell, then by all means send your new homosexual identified friend into “flesh failure”, as Romans Chapter 7 describes.  But if you want, for your friend, freedom from the desires of homosexuality and its identity, then send him into the Life of Christ as Galatians 2:20 determines.


What really gets my blood to boil are men who pastor sheep to walk in circles.  There are truly many men who want to do right by God.  They (we) want a real tangible relationship with our Father.  Knowing that sin mucks up the whole thing, sometimes we think the solution is to wash ourselves.  The solution is not to abstain from abominable homosexual sex acts, establishing a righteousness of our own.  Many men have found that simply calling upon the name of Jesus, surrendering to His grace, His “cross accomplishment” does the trick every time.  This continued belief in the purpose of Jesus Christ- this gloriously provided new life, new nature, resurrection life is what sustains even the most hardened homosexually identified, such as I was.  And so were some of you.


The conversation is over.  Jesus died, rose again to restore men and women into right standing with God His Father.  By this great length men and women are provided a new nature.  We called new creatures in Christ Jesus.  Eventually, we walk, talk, and behave just like Jesus.  There are no strings attached but a command to believe as Abraham believed, it was counted to him as righteousness.  And by the way modern Pharisee.  Unmerited favor was established with Abraham.  The law was added to keep the Israelites in order.  What blows the minds of the pharisaical leadership is this verse:  “Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” Romans 5:20.


Here’s the truth.  In The Beginning the heel of the Lord was bruised.  The offence or trespass is the original sin that came into the world through one man, Adam.  But by one man, Jesus Christ all were made righteous.  I’ve decided to follow after Jesus, for He has set the captive free!  Captive by what?  Sinful nature.  Go, be free and live in resurrection life and stop following after the law giver.  Have God’s righteous standards be met in you by the righteousness accredited to you when you simply believe in the One that He sent, Jesus.