Recently we ministered at Open Bible Fellowship in Ankeny, IA with Pastors Wally & Lana Shea. Several people received an instant healing the morning we were there. Pictured to the left is a young lady by the name of Yescena Cerrano. Yescena said she had been dealing with a lot of pain from migraine headaches, which even caused a numbing sensation to go down her arms. She had a lot of pain in her forehead and neck. But as the healing power of God was ministered to her through the laying on of hands she reported that she felt a warming or heating sensation go all throughout her neck, arms, and forehead and immediately all the pain left her body! Glory to God! We serve a mighty God! He deserves all the Glory! Be encouraged as you read this testimony that it’s always God’s will for you to be healed right now! James 2:1-2 says God is not a respecter of persons. God does not show favoritism. He will heal anyone who comes to Him and asks in faith with a pure heart. Remember this….”God loves you and He is always for you and never against you!” John 14:12


In 2017 Sarah and I acquired a house in Colfax, IA. For the past two years we have been working on the house and doing ministry full speed ahead! We’ve made some progress on our house over the last two years. It’s our hearts’ desire to be able to move in by May of 2020 so

we’ve decided to slow down our ministry efforts as much as possible in order to make maximum time for us to be able work on our house and move in prayerfully by May. Pictured to the left is our basement. We recently replaced the main supporting wall which is 40’ long. We are so extremely blessed and excited to have this huge project done and out of the way, but there is a lot more to go! Currently Sarah is working on staining and clear coating all our interior doors! She is doing a great job and saving us a lot of money by doing the work herself. Please join us in support of our housing project by taking a few minutes to pray for us! Thank you so very much for your faithful monthly support of our ministry during this vital time! Jesus loves you and so do we! We could not do it without you!