When God placed man in the Garden of Eden, man was in perfect agreement with all God said to him. He had no questions, no criticisms, no fears, and no doubts. Man knew absolutely nothing outside of a perfect union with His maker.


Lucifer was a being that had been created by God a long time before God ever mentioned creating man in His own image. When God did begin to talk about this creation of mankind, Lucifer was infuriated. He had been the perfect chosen vessel that God had elevated to a place of honor more than any other angel. Lucifer is called “the anointed cherub” and the bible tells us “he stood directly behind the throne of God”. This intimates that God had complete confidence in Lucifer. You don’t turn your back on an enemy. God treated Lucifer as a friend. Because God knew the end from the beginning, He also knew what Lucifer’s choices would be.


What made Lucifer so angry? Why did he get so furious that he rebelled against the very creator who had made him into this perfect and beautiful being? It would seem that the answer is both simple and complex. We must see that God knew what was in Lucifer’s heart and He, God, had to allow Lucifer to act out what was in His heart.


Lucifer had been given many gifts by God. He was more beautiful than any other angel. He had the ability to make wonderful music. He was allowed to wear every kind of jewel. He was very wise, so much so that God spoke openly in his presence about what He, God, was planning to do.


Apparently, the knowledge that God was going to create something called “man” and allow this being to have God’s own image made Lucifer furious. As we look at what happened according to what the bible says, it seems it was fear, entering into Lucifer’s mind that caused this anger. Lucifer exuded the attitude of fear when he immediately left God’s presence to find his fellow angels and “tattle” on God. He told the other angels what God planned to do, and he was able to influence a third of them to rebel against God and His plan.


Because fear found its way into Lucifer’s mind, he was immediately flooded with the questioning of God’s wisdom, the doubt about God’s wisdom, the belief that God knew best.  Lucifer became obsessed with trying to find a way to stop God from completing this plan to create man in God’s own image.


Lucifer was not able to stop God from creating man and putting him into a beautiful garden called Eden. God did create man in His own image and gave man dominion over everything else He had created.


The poison of fear that entered into Lucifer’s mind is the same poison he was able to infect man’s mind with in the Garden of Eden. It was this fear and doubt that God had really given man all that he, man, needed, that caused man to reach out and take what God had told him not to take. Lucifer knew that when man’s mind accepted the lie, that God hadn’t really given man His best gift, but was withholding it from man, this would cause man to act on the lie he accepted. When man acted on this lie, by taking fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and eating it, man acted out his own disobedience, and it broke the perfect “mind meld” that God had created. It was this separation of man’s mind from God’s mind that caused mankind to begin to die in their human bodies, and to die instantly in their spirit.


In today’s world, the only way we are able to reconnect to God in the way God wants us to, is by humbling ourselves and believing that God is right. Beyond that, we must believe that God is good. This is the lie that Lucifer had told Eve in the Garden of Eden. He had made her believe that God was withholding “some good thing” from her.


We are given the ability to believe that God is good by reading His word. We are told that the more we hear God’s word, the more we will be able to believe what He tells us. We must believe in our hearts first. It must start inside and be carried on into our actions. We must believe with simple, childlike trust. This is where we will build absolute confidence in God. Our hearts must believe first and then the confession of what we believe comes out of our mouths.


We are to believe that God didn’t leave us in the broken, disconnected, miserable condition we entered into when Adam and Eve were severed from their lifeline to God’s mind. Their minds no longer were in total agreement with God and fear entered into their minds. It has permeated man’s mind ever since, but God had planned a way of escape.


The Bible tells us that before the foundations of the world as we know it, God had already taken care of what He knew would happen. He had foreseen everything. He formulated the plan that His only Son, Jesus, would come into this world and live as a human being. Jesus had already, before the foundation of the world, agreed that He would do this thing. The Holy Spirit had already agreed that He would cause it all to happen at the proper timing.


Jesus came into this world as a man. He had a body of flesh, just as we have. He had a mind that was able to make choices, just as we have. He agonized many times over life situations, just as we do. He felt pain, just as we do. He got hungry and thirsty, just as we do. He was presented with every possible opportunity to sin, but He CHOSE not to. It was only by this choice that He was able to become the perfect sacrifice to pay the penalty that had been pronounced over all of mankind when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s direct commandment.


Maybe I’m coming into this the wrong way, but I wanted to explain that evil existed in the world before God ever created man and woman. There was a war going on when the creation of mankind was done. We don’t know how long this war had raged, but we know that it was there. The fact that the serpent was able to be filled with the presence of Lucifer, controlled by him and used by him to deceive the woman called Eve, is proof that evil, hatred, deception, lies, and murder were present. The fact was, man didn’t know evil was present. Man had been created by God to walk and talk with God in a perfect unity of spirit. This spirit was the “mind meld” which allowed man to remain healthy, strong, wise, loving and obedient. Man’s mind had never known anything but these kinds of attributes from his creator.


Lucifer’s determination to sever this connection was what lead to man being condemned to die. That is why God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Before they knew that evil was present in the world, they simply believed that God was their provider, protector, provisioner, and peace giver. It was after the man and woman believed Lucifer’s lie that they acted out the disobedience that Lucifer knew would be their downfall. The mind of man that had never before known fear was immediately filled with it. So much so, the man and woman hid themselves when they heard the voice of God. Always before, this voice was a welcome, joy-filled utterance that they ran to. Now, the same voice made them afraid.


Do you see what Lucifer accomplished? I’m sure he had been planning this for a long time. I have had a hard time realizing that since God always knows the end from the beginning, He knew exactly what choices all of His creations would make. The WHY of it all is something I am still working on. I don’t think I will get the full answer until I am with Him in eternity, so for now, I will continue to walk by faith that He does know best! This is a choice we can all make. We choose constantly whether we will be afraid of something or trust God. He will never force the choice, but He will allow circumstances that will help nudge us toward trusting Him.