I’ve been speaking primarily to men on A Transforming Moment. The topic has been praying for our wives so we will be changed. I know many of you men are of the attitude that you pray for your wives so God will change her.  My point in this series of Transforming Moments is that God is going to change you in order to change her.


In this edition Transforming Moment we’ve discussed the fact that praying for your wife will result in you evaluating your relationship with her, your responses to her, and the type of love you show her. Guys, this is “gut check” time. Will you be honest with yourself? Will you listen, as well as hear, when God answers you concerning your prayers for your wife? 


This process will yield the sweet fruit of confession and repentance toward God and, if necessary, to your wife. Men, you have a high calling as the spiritual leader in your marriage. This leadership position can only be powered by the Holy Spirit who will enable you to love her sacrificially. 


You will see a definite change in your heart attitude toward your wife. You will cherish, treasure, and celebrate her as God’s gift to you. You will see her as God’s appointed helper to walk alongside you. She is your biggest supporter. She is worthy of celebrating and praising with a thankful heart.


This, in turn, changes your behavior. The way we show that we treasure something is to spend time engaged. Schedules can be cruel task masters that will ransack a fruitful marriage.  Make sure your priorities are right, which means that time with your wife is near the top of your list.


This transformation will change the way you pray for your wife. It will no longer be “God change her because I can’t take much more,” and will instead become, “God change me so that I don’t take my wife for granted, so that I’m not bitter, so that I’m not hateful.” Your prayer life for your wife lays the foundation for a marriage God designed it to be.


Praying for our wives is a powerful and much- needed discipline. But I will boldly tell you that we need to pray for her as much, if not more than, she needs us to pray for her. God change us so that we might be the men our wives need.


Grasping these truths will create a transformed heart. Tune in next month for the final Transforming Moment in this series, “Men –Pray For Your Wives Part 5.”