This week on A Transforming Moment, we have discussed the need we have as men to pray for our wives. If you’ve been with us for the first four parts in this series, you’ve learned that the biggest reason we need to pray for our wives is so we might be changed. No doubt, this reasoning has taken many of you by surprise.


We pray for our wives so that God will fundamentally change us; so that we will have hearts in-tune with God’s heart for our wives. It is easy to develop tunnel-vision so that all we see are our perspectives, our struggles, and our needs in the marriage. We want God to incline our heart to our wife; to enable us to show compassion always, to demonstrate a respectful attitude without a hint of condescension.


Today, I will discuss the last two reasons why we pray for our wives. The first is because she needs it.  Here’s a newsflash – our wives are sinners, too. Ok, we don’t need a headline to know that, right? But in the midst of all this talk about praying for our wives so that we will be changed, lies this nugget of truth – our beloved, the one we are called to honor, esteem, and celebrate as God’s gift to us, is herself a sinner in need of forgiveness and grace. Pray God will grant her that each day.


Then secondly, we must pray for our wives because this is the primary weapon of our warfare on her behalf. Life is a spiritual struggle. The stresses we face as men are equally present in our wives’ lives. Today, many wives work outside the home, juggling careers with responsibilities to children, family, home, church, and community. Where will her support come from if not from us?


Men, when you read the Apostle Paul’s exhortation in Ephesians to take up your spiritual armor every day in order to stand firm against the schemes of the devil, do you read this challenge in the context of your marriage? Do you understand that one very effective strategy of our enemy has been to undermine the marriage relationship?  


When husbands do not pray for their wives, there is left a gaping hole in the battlements.  Neglected prayer leaves a powerful weapon lying on the spiritual battlefield that we must occupy.


Men, love your wives as Christ loved the Church. This includes praying for her so that you will become all she needs you to be in Christ.


Be the transformation you want to see. God bless you today as you seek Him.