The situation has become blatantly evident with the struggles being exhibited in the political news coming from our nation’s capital.


The confirmation of a Supreme Court justice has become a big deal, bigger than it was ever intended to be. This time, 11th hour unsubstantiated charges of prior sexual abuse were levied and never proven yet caused straight party line voting, something never before done to a supreme court nominee. Even worse was the statement by the opposing party that whoever was nominated would be voted against.  So much for any objectivity from the ruling elite.  Statements are now forthcoming, even from seated senators in congress calling for civil unrest vowing that civility cannot be accomplished until their party is in total control and their ideals for the direction of the country are reached.


Prior to 1916 when a vacancy on the high court occurred, the president of the US would present his nominee for the high court to the senate of the US and they would discuss, debate, and vote on the president’s choice candidate.  This was the practice since 1789 upon the ratification of the US Constitution.   When the progressives gained traction in our government, under then president Woodrow Wilson, the Senate began to hold hearings before confirming a new high court justice.


The original intent, and what is still in our Constitution today, is a framework structure of our time-honored government.  This consisted of three separate branches to operate our government, the legislative, the executive, and the high court.


The power was to be with the people who elected their representatives to stand in their stead and speak for them.  This was to be the most powerful branch because the power was to remain with those who have to live under the government they created in the first place.  The executive branch, the office of president, was the first in line to be a check in balance giving the president the power to affirm with his signature or to veto the legislation given to him.  Thus the Senate or the House bill that had been confirmed by both houses of the people and signed by the president became the law of the land.


The law was in effect and could be brought up for further review if a law suit contesting the bill was deemed to be a cognizant violation of the intent of the Constitution and valid enough to be heard by the high court.  If it passed its way through the lower courts and made it to the Supreme Court to be heard by the nine justices, it would be reviewed by all of them to determine if the content of the legislation met the criteria of aligning with the US Constitution.  Their simple majority vote would stand as the final analysis of the validity of the law in question.  If their decision didn’t sit well with the citizens, the struck down law was to go back to the people’s House to be reworked to fit the Constitutions original intent.


This is a good system that has stood the test of time while the structural apparatus as outlined was followed.  Sadly, in the past decades, the elite ivy-league university trained lawyers have found ways of deceit to distort the structural apparatus and short circuit the time honored path laid out by our founding fathers whom I believe were divinely led to give us the greatest nation ever known to mankind. They have brought suit for ideals that were lies politically motivated using items called shadow reflections.  These are items from former high court rulings that in many cases had nothing at all to do with the ruling at hand.  Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton used such a shadow reflection to somehow concoct the right of privacy in our Constitution.  This 7 to 2 ruling by the high court on January 22, 1973, in essence, said it was alright for a mother to destroy her offspring while still in the womb, even up to the time of natural birth.  This horrible ruling gave no right to the new independent God-given life she carried within her.  The mother only feeds and carries the new life that has its own DNA and heartbeat.  Right to privacy does not exist in our honored document.


In the gay rights marriage ruling, as well as the Roe V Wade and Doe V Bolton, the legislation never started in the House or Senate of the US and never passed the president’s desk.  It was never law and didn’t qualify to be heard by the Supreme Court.  This, by the structure of how things become law doesn’t meet the criteria of being law at all.  The short circuit path that these slick deceiving lawyers used to push the landmark decisions deemed the rulings to be invalid and have no real meaning and carry no power as law because they weren’t  law at all and never were.


Our problem is that no one had the intestinal fortitude to stand against the evil one and make a legal challenge while declaring those issues to be null and void.  Our great country has been blessed above any other nation ever on earth because we, in the inception of the country, were founded on God’s word.


These atrocities are the gross violation forerunners of what is yet to come.  Our own secretary of state has used unprotected servers, emails, tablets, and various devices deleting information used to undermine her opponent in the presidential race. Deletion of stored information was used to circumvent detection of corruption.  To add insult to injury, we have seen the abuse of power in our presidential races with individual foundations funneling huge sums of money with the intent and promises of special privileges granted upon the result of a successful future election.  We have experienced diversionary tactics against our duly elected president using special interest investigations and unsubstantiated allegations.  Those put in charge of conducting the investigation are all loyal supporters of the secretary of state and many had actually contributed to her campaign.  These events, forced on us, took place to undermine the winner of our presidential election.


We are seeing something that many of us couldn’t have imagined in our youth.  Just think about it, most of our citizens have not lived in a time where Roe V Wade was not considered “law”.  Our citizens have become so accustomed to it during this interim of deception that they take it as established presented law.  It is not and never has been law.

We need an awakening to the truths of the absolutes outlined in the divine scriptures.  Let’s all pray for divine intervention to bring our beloved nation back to the “Shining City Upon a Hill”!  Man cannot fix this but God can.