President Donald Trump is well known for his tweets announcing his criticism directed at a wide variety of topics. Some of them take issue with the words and actions of particular politicians. In essence, he posts reviews of these persons based on his perceptions of their public policy and lack of accomplishments. Although he does not mention their ethnicity or other aspects of their personhood, Mr. Trump is branded as a bigot, racist and white supremacist. Whether we like or dislike his habit of public performance reviews, it must be admitted that the words and actions of politicians should be open to review by anyone without summarily denouncing the motives of the reviewer.

Performance reviews of various identity groups often trigger similar charges of prejudice toward the people involved. Consider a list of outcomes resulting from LGBTQIAP, etc. policy and actions. Marriage with no possibility of children produced by the couple. Moving society closer to demographic disaster fast approaching Western countries. Creating contempt for heterosexual couples who follow traditional patterns of marriage and family. Sexualizing virtually every close relationship between friends. Portraying sexuality as primarily recreational. Sentencing all people to fixed orientations which they must not seek to leave. Destroying human choice in relationship to sexual activity and, thus, destroying the basis for all morality, ethics, spirituality and law in that domain of human community. Making feelings the sole basis for gender and sexual behavior, even in young children. Using legal means to deprive individuals and businesses of first amendment rights. Creating conditions for the spread of various forms of sexually transmitted disease. Intensifying rage toward Western culture felt by traditional people groups around the world. Instituting permanent divisions between traditional and nontraditional constituencies in the United States. These and other outcomes provoked by LGBTQIAP, etc. policies and actions are plain to see.

However, although they may be seen, they are not allowed to be described or discussed by anyone, especially from a traditional or religious perspective. Performance reviews may be issued, indeed loudly announced, from the LGBTQIAP, etc. point of view. Theirs is a never ending criticism of everything that even remotely looks like a critical review of their behavior or beliefs. As with the reaction to the president’s tweets and observations of other well-known persons, any mention of negative outcomes related to the LGBTQIAP, etc. agenda is immediately branded as bigotry no matter how much evidence supports the analysis. 

Jesus introduced the topic of performance review to his disciples by pointing out a fig tree that had produced no fruit, and saying that a person can be evaluated by the fruit that individual produces. Bearing in mind the outcomes listed above, what would we see if we took a guided tour of an LGBTQIAP, etc. orchard? At first there would be lots of greenery and no fruit. Then the guide introduces us to the large, fancifully decorated Glee Tree. Its fruit, we are told, will help us appreciate all the pleasurable things associated with our sexuality. A little further along, the guide shows us the Free Tree. Eat from this tree, promises the guide, and the silly demands of conscience restricting our sex play will diminish and eventually go away. As we arrive at the very center of the orchard, the huge, ornate Me Tree stands tall. The guide gushes over the delicious fruit of this deeply personal tree. For, we are told, a diet based on the produce of the Me Tree focuses all our attention on what benefits the self. Eat this fruit and discover the real God-given you and how to make everything fit into yourself. 

As we leave the orchard we can hear the favorite LGBTQIAP, etc. religious song blaring, “Just Jesus and Me Makes Me Happy and Free.” No wonder those of us who hold to traditional spiritual disciplines are pronounced bigots. What right have we reviewing the performance of those who live on the diet of the LGBTQIAP, etc. orchard? After all, it’s merely the outgrowth of the Garden of Eden.


William P. Tarbell

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