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Poetry By Sandra Garr


Touch a heart today

Instead of making people pay,

Bless those who hurt you

Instead of letting them continue.

Stand firm in love

Your strength is from above.

Jesus took our hate and wrath upon His very back

They slammed a crown of thorns upon His head deep

Until He bled.

He took the greatest of shame and the greatest of pain.

Jesus took it to the Cross

He did it for all of us.

Every stripe was for our healing,

Not just physical, but also to make us whole inside

And we are reeling.

His great love for us took our sins away.

And His death was Him burying them forever

Jesus raising put our hands in our Father’s hand once again

It was only through Jesus are we put right

With our Father in heaven.

No one else dared to take on all the worlds’ sins.

No one else is the Son of God

Who turns those who want real life back to

The Father for it.

Just touch a heart today and know

What is love and solid,

Real and great.

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