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Political War A People Divided


I find it an odd thing. Political stance is quickly becoming a war. Call it what you will, but is seems to me that conservatives and liberals want nothing more than to see the other side burn, it confuses me. Regardless of what side we align ourselves to, are we all not just human? Because of this, aren’t we all just broken people with faults and flaws? A democrat and a republican might hold differing views, but that doesn’t necessarily mean one is right over the other, does it? Isn’t it all just a matter of perspective? Or is it really a matter of people getting used to their cushy lifestyle that they feel threatened every time something comes along that may disrupt or worse yet, remove it from them?

I think this may be a matter of perspective. I hear the wisdom of my grandfather echoing in my mind. “Just because you are right, does not mean that I am wrong.” Author Shannon L. Adler said this, “Most misunderstandings in the world could be avoided if people would simply take the time to ask, “What else could this mean?”

People (specifically Americans) are so caught up with why the other side is wrong that many of us fail to grasp the big picture. Yes, money could be viewed as important. Yes, genocide on such a scale as this is wrong. And despite all the ruckus that both sides are causing, one simple truth remains untouched. We all like sheep have gone astray. Why can’t a lot of these arrogant politicians (on both sides) just come together and accomplish something for good? Why is it that the fighting never ends, and each side keeps coming to a stalemate? One that leads to one government shutdown after another.

I am not going to delude myself into thinking that there is only one side to blame for this. There are many corrupt politicians on both sides of the fence. And I really think this all boils down to one thing. We are all broken people who need Jesus. There was a man I used to work with in Pensacola, Florida whose motto was, “We might be able to break your twenty, but only Jesus can give you change.”

I don’t know about you, (dear readers), but I think we (as humans) need some real change. (Start talking like that and people may think you are an Obama supporter.) It is a heart issue. This society that we live in has a few underlying causes-children without discipline, Schools without prayer, and Hearts without God.

And it is those reasons that made up my mind to do something about it. Because of these glaringly obvious reasons, I chose to accept the call on my life. In June of 2008, I made the decision to go into ministry. That September I enrolled at Elim Bible Institute. With the amount of talk about revival and the stirring in the spirit, I knew. It did not take long to recognize or understand that revival was coming. I gave myself a goal. I wanted to be a pastor before revival came. I wanted to be in a position where I could be the most useful. I said in the span of 10 years, and it was just as the odometer rolled over to nine that the opportunity came.

Can’t we just move on? Is there a way where both democrat and republican can find common ground? Perhaps you are non-partisan. This same “argument” can be applied to any number of situations. We are all human, and as such, we have faults, flaws and short comings. I find no solace in government workers. My hope, faith, and trust…is in God alone.

This is Pastor Amos, reminding you to keep it in Jesus.

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