The Child Ploy is ancient. As long as adults saw something to gain, they used their children to gain it. In the so-called good old days, Phoenicians and Ammonites threw their innocents into the flames to placate the god Molech. Their bodies burning would result in good things for the parents and the community. In many ways the ancients looked upon children as blessings. The Old Testament makes that clear. But for the self-interested, their offspring could be used or dispensed with as parents wished. Molech and other gods had to be obeyed.


Of course, we moderns have given up sacrificing our progeny to gods. We are much more enlightened and treat children with respect. Or do we? In parts of Africa, boys are given weapons and impressed into fighting forces. In Ethiopia, angry young men were recruited from the cities, given guns, and told to go out and kill. Worldwide, human trafficking includes large numbers of juveniles who are often treated to sexual abuse and other kinds of assault. Young teens traveling north to the United States from Latin America face the constant threat of rape and physical attack. In our country a nine year old girl, who was sexually abused by her stepfather and placed by him in a juvenile prostitution ring, was given a gun and sent out to commit crime. Her youth was supposed to protect her in case she was arrested. And, worst of all, if children have not yet seen the light of day outside their mothers’ wombs, they stand a good chance of being destroyed before being born. Worldwide, especially where Western influence prevails, there is a virtual death march against our young. Move over Molech. The gods of self-interest, personal fulfillment, and social engineering are far more powerful than you ever dreamt of being.


What could be worse than outright assault and destruction of our young? Consider the following perfidy. In countless places around the country, educational infrastructure and financial expenditure are justified in the name of “the children”. However, upon closer examination, the funds raised for “the children” are often used to strengthen bureaucracy, hire more administrators, and expand employee benefits. Actual education is seldom advanced. Furthermore, the curricula in classes kindergarten through college are laced with ideological material designed to bend young minds toward pop culture and certain political ends. Kids are no longer expected to become well-rounded citizens, objectively examining ideas and taking thoughtful actions. Instead, they are being taught to listen to and obey their feelings. That is how they are to determine their way in life. As in education so with every other institution in society. Most of the time, “the children” are being used for political, economic, and ideological advantage.


This is plain to see in the LGBTQIAP, etc. movement. Wherever they can insert their beliefs in public policy, law, schools and religious institutions, they do so with all the force they can muster. They capitalize on a wave of sympathy they have generated throughout the Western world, and use every tactic they can to raise emotional support for their agenda. They are especially fond of the child ploy. Recently, in Kansas, a lesbian couple tried to enroll their five year old daughter in a Catholic school. When the bishop of the diocese explained why their request was contrary to Catholic faith and practice, protests immediately broke out. A petition was circulated acquiring a thousand signatures, many of them from local Catholics. Everywhere the cry was “Have compassion on this little girl. She deserves a good private education.”


Compassion–the tearful tide that floats the boat of every social movement in society, especially anything to do with sexuality. If it does not jerk tears, it will not convince the slow of heart and thought to create law, regulation, and other means to brow beat anyone who has the temerity to question their compassion. Two years ago a committee in the Nevada legislature was considering a law that would promote gender diversity and expression. A lesbian couple appeared to testify. They brought with them their two teenage boys. The older of the two pleaded with the committee to advance the cause of same-sex relationships and diverse gender identity. After all, he had been born and raised in the care of his two mothers who treated him and his brother to all the necessities of life. Tears streamed down the cheeks of some of the committee members and they passed the legislation with great compassion rising in their breasts


We are swimming in an ocean of sweetness, of immense pity for anything that apparently expands sexual freedoms. Our compassion locks in on that narrow field and locks out anything of broader human interest. Consider carefully the actions of the lesbian couples in Kansas and Nevada. First, they both used their offspring as a springboard for establishing their legitimacy. Having attained the legal right to marry, their kids prove that they are no different than heterosexual couples. Second, having children demonstrates, other than the physical need for insemination, that a man is entirely unnecessary for nurturing them. Third, they care not a wit about traditional understanding of marriage and family. Their children prove that such things are mere extra social baggage. Fourth, they claim the right to impose their deep contempt and mistrust of the masculine on all of us and implant the same in the bodies and souls of their children. Fifth, their need to depend on the resources of others in the community to conceive and give birth does not matter. What they need is the obligation of others to provide. Sixth, they simply shrug off the hatred they inspire in the traditional thinking people of the earth. Seventh, they deliberately intend to sow division and conflict in churches and other institutions. Divide and conquer is their ongoing tactic. Eighth, neither lesbian couple has any intention of having more children. One or two little ones are enough for public display and approval. Ninth, the preeminent purpose for these couples is to foster their personal relationship, not to raise large families or enrich the community with progeny. Tenth, they fully intend to exalt their desires as a goal all of humanity should seek. Eleventh, the entire religious enterprise, Catholic, and otherwise, must change their teaching to match the couples’ assumed wisdom on the human enterprise. People of faith who continue to hold traditional views on sexuality, family, and community values are nothing but fools, according to them.


When it comes to compassion, neither the two lesbian couples nor their supporters display any of that prized commodity toward the foundational principles essential for humanity to survive and thrive. How long will it take before they realize that they are aiding and abetting the demographic disaster coming straight at the Western countries of the world?  When will they realize that only people who hold onto traditional practices of marriage and family will be left to populate the earth?