As The holidays get closer and closer, our thoughts turn to what we should give as gifts to our family and friends. Not to quote an old cliché, but we all know, “Jesus IS the Reason for the Season.“


I would like to offer a suggestion for all of us to think about this year. How about taking some quality time and writing something to each family member and friend? Words are a powerful tool that can be used to harm or to heal, to divide or to unite. Writing something from your heart will be a priceless gift to be treasured by each recipient for always.


Years back, I wrote a Christmas newsletter to Jesus from the guys at the Door of Faith Mission. I’d like to share that with you now. It’s called:


Jesus’ Birthday Gift


Jesus, for your birthday, I have not much to give. I don’t have any money and I don’t own where I live. I can’t buy any presents and right now I have no car.  So, for your birthday, Jesus, it seems I get not far. But, in my heart there is a love that goes beyond the grave. It’s strong and true and beautiful ’cause it’s the love you gave. And so, because it’s all I have, I give it back to you. For your birthday, Jesus, I say “Jesus, I love you.”


The Door received more donations that year than ever before because those words came straight from the hearts of the residents. 


Reach out this year with words of blessing, love, and encouragement. And, if you have it in your heart, you could send a donation gift to us here at Christian Life Magazine.


May this be a Christmas we will all remember because of the true spirit of Christmas being used as the gift that is truly the REASON FOR THE SEASON, God’s never-failing, never-ending, and never-ceasing love️.