I became aware of REVOICE in the spring of 2018 with their announcement of providing a conference for LGBT+ Christians.  I registered to attend the REVOICE conference so that I might listen carefully to their teachings, in motivation of pastoring souls that may come away from the conference confused and with questions.

Nate Collins the President of REVOICE, preemptively cancelled my registration and gave me a refund stating that my presence at their inaugural conference would work against their mission and purpose.  My initial observation of the conference vision was to sound an alarm for any sincere Biblically Orthodox Christian believer that this is in direct contradiction of Scripture.  Their vision stated, “To support, encourage, and empower gay, lesbian, same-sex attracted, and other LGBT Christians.”  Therefore, the REVOICE conference vision is about the empowerment of LGBT+ identities, to bring about communication to manipulate and force the Church to embrace LGBT+ people as legitimate “sexual minorities” as Christian.

They promote a construct of sinful identities, clearly revealed in Scripture as detestable in word, thought, or behavior, and to bring about an “orientation empowerment”.  They place this “orientation” in front of Christianity, i.e. “LGBT+ Christianity” as good.  They embrace this LGBT+ identity based upon their feelings, attractions, and lusts, by communicating that they cannot change, a people to be pitied.

This empowerment has come from people like Mark Yarhouse, whose white paper insists that people with same-sex attractions or who are homosexual, (the LGBTQ+ community) rarely change their “orientation” and must be accepted into our churches as “sexual minorities”.  They manipulate well-meaning merciful Christians with shame making statements like, “if you are to truly love like Christ, you must embrace these needy souls who have been so victimized by the Church”.

Their theology is very troubling mixed with the heretical classic gay revisionist theology.  Poor theology on grace leaves the soul without hope of rejuvenation or any internal change of thinking.  The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is one that St. Paul told Timothy which is a Gospel based upon Christ’s sound words conforming (converting/sanctifying) the soul into godliness.

We have many scriptural promises that tell believers the mind, will, and emotions of the truly born again Christian will experience change in thoughts, desires, and feelings as the mind, will, and emotions are touched by the grace of God.  The Bible is clear that born again Christians must align their thoughts and desires with taking every thought captive as a submitted soul in the Kingdom of God.

In reviewing the REVOICE website, reading workshop descriptions, REVOICE promotes their need to bring all things LGBT+ into the Church for complete acceptance as legitimate identities to be embraced.  They communicate a false message that a person’s sexual orientation is a fixed nature of human beings.  However, a true Christian identity is only man/woman male/female and found in Christ alone, not in an unclean term of sexual brokenness.  REVOICE is about their need for new communication of terms.  “REVOICE” is being used to manipulate the Church to embrace LGBT+ people as a victimized minority group instead of a group of Christian.  They are basically demanding for the terminology of “sexual minorities” to describe LBGT+ people.

The Church must note the plus sign after LGBT+ over 12 times on their website.  This communicates an ongoing embracing of other “sexual minorities” and their desire for more “sexual minorities”.  Where does this end?

There are many other letters after LGBT+ in the queering of the Church (queering is their speech) such as T – for transgenders, (Already noted by John Hopkins researchers, Transgender Studies Expert, Dr. Paul McHugh as a mental disorder) Q for Queer, I – Intersex, P for Pansexual, P – Polyamorists, P – Pedorists,  K – Kinks, and Z – Zoophilians.  There is also a movement today to remove the word pedophile and replace it or “REVOICE” it with “Minority Attracted Persons” or “Youth Attracted Persons.” (MAPs & YAPs).

There was one workshop communicating the blessedness of “Queering Heaven” in the New Jerusalem and having “Queer Treasure” in Heaven.  The interesting claim is that these people are suffering as celibates.  Therefore, they are claiming a life of abstinence.  Yet they proclaim the need to have fellowship and intimate relationships with practicing LGBT+ folks.

There were so many problems with this conference, Biblically, about mixture and the fellowship of sexual uncleanness to cause anyone with common sense to have fear and doubt.

Believers must continue to use Scripture to teach the truth and expose this mixture of psychology’s orientation message with this hyper-grace message empowering people to embrace all things LGBTQ+ and Christian together.  I believe it is blasphemous to put the idea of “gay” – homosexuality, before Christian.  It is such a dishonor to Jesus Christ my Lord, and it is misleading and deceiving many in the Church.

The leadership of this conference has already influenced the Church.  Many evangelical seminar professors, many leaders in the Church and the speakers at REVOICE are gay identified or have loved ones who are identified as gay.  They are afraid to be labeled as unkind or intolerant to nice gay folks or hurt their loved ones.  Therefore, a segue has been made to introduce this seductive unclean spirituality into the Church under a banner of love and tolerance.  Anyone who holds to an intolerance of “sexual minorities” of LGBT+ Christian as they continue to embrace a Biblical Orthodox worldview is now labeled as unloving, unkind, mean-spirited, intolerant and bigoted.  This is what the Church is up against.  We can find this in the words of Jesus in Matthew 10:34-39.

They promote a victim-mind-set of being a person with unchangeable LGBTQ+ orientations. Therefore, they are presenting a powerless Gospel. Yet, they communicate a hyper-grace message of merely “observation” of Christianity, praying a prayer and a mental agreement of the historical facts about Jesus and the Word of God.  Paul warned Timothy in 2 Tim. 3 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, proud, and a list of other things, along with lovers of pleasure and having a form of godliness but deny the power of the gospel for transformation and real change.

Their message is one of no repentance of desires necessary.  Therefore, no repentance of lust because it is a legitimized orientation.  Matter of fact, REVOICE is truly empowering LGBT+ as a legitimate identity with LGBT+ listed over 18 times on the website and 14 times in the workshop description area.  Ironically, known progressive rhetoric from the LGBTQ+ community demands that all leaders in the Church communicate that this revoicing must be embraced as compassion and love.  What shall we do?