Recently, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg replied to a question about his gay identity. He stated that anyone who has an issue with his identity has an issue, not with him, but with his Creator. His person and his practice, you see, are exactly what God predetermined them to be. All Pete is doing is carrying out what the Divine hand instilled in him. Orders are orders. He is not the kind to disobey programming clearly indicated by his strong desire. So, do not argue with him about his gay lifestyle. Pick a fight, if you must, with his Maker.

Pete’s remarks beg the ancient question, “What hath God wrought?” In terms of our human existence and presence on Earth, what is it that the Almighty intended for us both individually and collectively? Since Pete delved into biblical and theological arguments, let us see how he stacks up against established principles.

First, taking into account the description of God’s founding of humankind in the first three chapters of Genesis, humanity is established as one entity in two dimensions, male and female. Adam and Eve, as they are called, are said to be comparable to each other in dignity and honor. And they are intended to be joined to each other and become “one flesh”—a harmonious unity reflecting the very being of God. Sorry Pete. You and your partner do not fit this description.

Second, Adam and Eve are instructed to, “be fruitful and multiply.” In actions reminiscent of their Creator they, and all subsequent human beings, are to generate life. Though some may choose to nurture the life others have produced, the prime directive for women and men is to be joined in one flesh for the regeneration and renewal of humankind. Sorry Pete. The two of you cannot fulfill this directive.

Third, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s instructions about eating fruit from a particular tree in the Garden of Eden, they were asked why they did so. Eve responded that the serpent had deceived her and, thus, she ate the forbidden fruit. Eons before the comedian Flip Wilson existed, she executed what may be called “Flip’s flip.” For, frequently during his comedy routine, he would announce, “The Devil made me do it!” So, the serpent was evil’s agent, a satanic influence so powerful she could not resist. She disobeyed God’s command because the arguments of the serpent were just too strong for her. Well, Pete, you, like Eve, listened to and obeyed the serpentine voices of culture rather than God’s stated intentions. Another failure for you. 

Fourth, Adam’s response to God’s query about behavior is very close to your argument, Pete. He said, “The woman You gave me, gave me of the tree, and I ate.” So, the woman is the proximate cause of Adam’s disobedience, but the ultimate cause, the preeminent reason for his failure is God’s gift to him. Eve, who was to be his partner in creating new life was, in Adam’s excuse-making universe, actually a divine curse. Adam’s response to this question closely matches your rationale, Pete. You and Adam both blame God for choices made. 

Fifth, your claim, like Adam’s, carries no water in God’s universe. Adam and Eve’s finger pointing is summarily dismissed, and divine judgement is pronounced upon them. Neither the influence of evil, nor the misuse of God’s gifts, offset the responsibility of human beings to obey life-giving principles set before them by their Creator. Your explanation, Pete, is no better than theirs. 

Sixth, an extended examination of theological concepts and training makes it clear that you have no authority whatsoever to claim God’s stamp of approval on your sexual identity and lifestyle. True enough, some persons calling themselves Christians argue that they have found in Scripture and they reason a basis for such a claim. However, the vast majority of Christians in the world hold to Christian heritage on human sexuality and see no grounds in Scripture or otherwise to change that heritage. Sorry, Pete. 

One more thing, Pete. Going back to Adam and Eve’s disobedience, it was their attempt to preempt the Divine and assume that role for themselves that was the essence of their transgression. In this, you are identical to them, as are all persons claiming the right to discard divinely-established, essential principles of human community.

There is one way in which you and the first human couple differ dramatically. They realized they were naked in the face of nature and nature’s God. They tried to conceal their nakedness by clothing themselves and hiding. You, on the other hand, parade your nakedness proudly for all to see, telling us that God created you and other sexually and gender-diverse persons “as is,” i.e., pre-programmed and pre-determined to follow the paths set for you by divine fiat. Tell us, Pete, does your theological expertise apply to sexual abusers, polygamists, philanderers, pedophiles, incestuous individuals, or human traffickers? Maybe your tiny, arrogant brain can explain how the Creator stocks the world with little human robots, winds them up, and sends them on their individual sexual or gender missions to play relationship games until, as the old children’s song used to put it, “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.”