We in the Christian community have been taught to trust in the Lord for our basic needs and protection.  Many times in our instruction some of us have been told that “we know how the whole human race will end” and we know Christ is coming again to rule the world.  He will reign supreme and He will win against the evil one.  Yes, this is true and the Bible clearly states the outcome. This doesn’t dissolve us of our responsibility to be informed, however.

Our great Country was founded on biblical principles derived from the Holy Scriptures.  The greatest document ever formed in the minds of humankind was put together and implemented by Godly men who labored and prayed over the humongous task that confronted them.  Following the Revolutionary War our statesman leaders sought God’s blessing.  Divine intervention occurred causing the Articles of Confederation to be dismantled altogether.  In an attempt to amend it, our great Constitution was brought forth.  This is the form of government we have now enjoyed for the past 240 years.  As a result, we were blessed as a nation.  Our country went from the primitive ways humans had grown accustomed to for centuries in their lives of toil and physical strife to the modern era of computer chips, personal comfort of heating and cooling, rapid modes of transportation, gadgets and remarkable tools, medical advances, and schools of higher learning within the reach of all Americans to make our lives better.  This divine intervention progress not only propelled our country to these amenities but brought the world alongside.

We now find ourselves in a situation where the present generation never experienced the ways of old with horse drawn buggies and outhouses. They have not even lived during the time when we as a nation was threatened to be taken over by the evil powers of godless nations who sought to dominate the world and extinguish an entire race of Jewish people.  This present generation has not been taught, and cannot possibly understand, that in their hour of need the people of that time in our history came together as one and worked, fought, and died for what we enjoy today.  Everyone sacrificed something.

Today, some common sense thinkers who observe what is being done would say that many of our Christian leadership have become so “heavenly minded that they are of little earthly good.”  This becomes evident when we observe their lack of involvement in becoming informed of current events and then taking no action to thwart the onslaught of evil dominance in our culture.

Yes, the Word of God tells us we need to aid in the spread of the gospel as commanded in the last four verses Matthew 28.  It directs each of us to go out into the world and preach the gospel, making disciples of them, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Christ then says “and lo I will be with you always”.

Our responsibility doesn’t stop there.   We, today, are lured into the idea that we need not be involved or even informed as to what is going on around us directly affecting our lives and future generations.  We become complacent knowing we are protected by our Loving Savior and so we live well, enjoying our comfortable affluent society.  As a result, our rights under God are being taken away from us by the courts, one item at a time.

This way of thinking may not be what was intended for us.  It is so easy to just live out our lives in our own little world.  We don’t want a disruption by anything controversial.  How easily we find it convenient to forget just how it came to be that we Christians have the freedom to worship and live as we see fit here in America.

We have just celebrated Memorial Day here in the US.  What does that mean to you?  Do we have the responsibility to be informed?  Do we need to be involved in running for public office?  Do we take the time to know what our representatives in government believe and how they will govern? And do we even vote?

The answer is yes!  Godly people should be participants in the political process that allows us to have a voice in what laws and regulation come upon us.  Things could have been different if in January 1973 the Christian community had done their duty and stood up and taken a stand against the unjust and anti-Constitutional Roe V Wade and Doe V Bolton decisions forced upon us, both on the same day.  Perhaps we wouldn’t be under the non-law of the court ruling.   That judge decision was split 5 to 4.  Just think about it, only one vote by one judge changed the course of history allowing the subsequent slaughter, over the years, of 60,000,000 lives in the womb of their mothers. The court’s ruling is unconstitutional since it has no jurisdiction into the life matter.  It is not mentioned in the Constitution at all.  The basis of the majority opinion was tied to the idea that the “right to privacy” could not be infringed upon thus granting the right of the mother to “Kill” her unborn child.  No consideration was given to the right of the unborn person, God’s created child that is protected under the wording of the Constitution.  The wording there grants the right to life, liberty, and, the pursuit of happiness to all Americans.  This judge’s ruling is abuse of power since there is no mention of privacy in the Constitution either.

Christians should have risen up in multitudes forcing the courts to nullify this travesty violation of the law. Christians did nothing, believing the lie put out by abortion advocates that abortion in the US would be rare and only in the first trimester.  How did that work out for us?

Then the time honored institution of Holy Matrimony, not a state matter but a spiritual matter ordained by our Almighty God, was contested in the high court.  The disastrous ruling allowing gay marriage was adopted under the pretense that they too deserved their right to happiness.  This too is not addressed in the Constitution disallowing it from being heard.  Yet we all know how that was done and the result left in its wake.   Once again Christians were silent.

The theme of this writing is to awaken all Christians to become aware of the elections being held and come to know what the candidates believe, how they would implement the constitution, and if they will follow the will of the people and not execute legislation to their personal agenda. Take time to get to know the candidates and hear their ideas and their perception of the task at hand.  Then go out and vote confidently after asking for God’s direction for you.