As we go forward into this new year, there are many things on every side that look scary, strange, unusual, and different from anything we’ve ever seen before. These things are new, but are they all good?


A definition of new means “something that has never happened before.” In Hebrews, chapter 11, God tells us about a new thing (He spoke to Noah) that had never happened before. He told Noah it was going to rain, and Noah didn’t really even know what that meant. Don’t you wonder if he was a bit frightened? But Noah brought his thoughts and his heart into obedience to his God, and he did what God told him to do. He built an ark to save his household.


The scripture tells us that in the last days it will be as it was in the days of Noah. As we look around, we see exactly those things happening. People being married, people having children, people going from job to job, house to house, concentrating on the NOW things that they can see. But God has told us to look carefully for the new thing that He will be doing in these last days.


Just as the ark that Noah built kept he and his family safe from the floods that covered the earth and destroyed all life, we are now given the ability, by faith, to enter into the “ark of safety” that God has provided through His son, Jesus, and the sacrifice He made at Calvary. Have you decided to enter into that place of safety? Don’t let the fear that seems to be permeating the minds of people around the world cause you to lose your place in Jesus and what He did for you. Open your heart, even if you have received Him as your savior, now is the time to make Him Lord of your life. He truly is the NEW thing that has never happened before. He is preparing to come get us.


Speak to your friends, your family, your associates with the authority you have received from the fact that Jesus lives in you. Wish them “Happy New Year,” but emphasize the word NEW. Remember, the Bible tells us that when we are in Him, old things have passed away and everything has become new. God likes that word new, so allow Him to create a new understanding of it in your heart and mind.


May the true peace, joy, and love that comes only from God‘s presence living inside of us cause you to have a wonderful new year with new experiences that have never happened before.