A Profound Christmas Gift

Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. He gave His life that we may have everlasting life. So for those of us who receive the gift of everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord, I look at it this way.

Common Sense

In that approach gender would be determined by physical attributes at birth, indicating male or female and nothing more. The reaction from those supporting gender diversities and expressions was predictably loud and strong.

My Favorite Hymn

The Bible tells us to be ready in season and out of season. We never know who God will put in our path so we must be ready to help them.

Born For Challenges III

The world says that life is all about you. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes your bank account grow. Climb that corporate ladder, knocking off whomever gets in the way. Let’s now compare what Jesus says!

A Pastor’s Note

Bob came to me seeking council. His tough exterior clearly had been worn down. He was just a shell of the man I used to work with. I want to give a quote from an unknown source.


My paternal grandmother, one of the most Christian people I ever knew, suffered the last twenty years of her long life with a form of slow growing cancer. Her condition would get critical and we would rush to Kansas to be with her.

Here Are Their Stories

I have come to learn that trauma in my early childhood developed conflicting identification markers. Internally, I insisted to be programmed as a little girl. Eventually, at puberty my assertions would demand a male to be my natural opposite, but biological mandates would over power my insistence and pressure to be obedient to them solidified [...]

How Do We Raise Our Children in the Age of #MeToo?

In recent months our culture in the United States of America has been permeated with #MeToo. This movement appears to have its roots with several Hollywood actresses coming forward with allegations against powerful film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Need A Hand?

I can’t tell you what that moment meant to me. I prayed for this miracle, for her life to be spared and for her to be mentally clear. I prayed for her more than myself for a time.

Love Victims into Victory

Please consider the safety of underage children in the home prior to opening your home to serve others. Children should always be our first ministry, and boundaries and guidelines should be put in place to ensure their safety at all times.

Garden Gate Ranch-Eyes Wide Open Conference!

Around 150 community members filled the auditorium on Saturday, October 20th, for the day-long Eyes Wide Open conference, sponsored by Garden Gate Ranch. The event’s goal was to educate on the issue of human trafficking in our local communities and mobilize many to join the fight.

Hi: Jump!

We have been given the authority to act in the Name of Christ

Uncle Sam’s Dependent: Why an Inventory of all Federal Funds is Needed in Iowa

Iowa, just as with other states, is dependent upon the federal government for financial assistance. In 2017, Iowa received $8.5 billion from the federal government and this growing dependency on Uncle Sam is dangerous not only because federal funds could be eliminated, but often these funds come with a cost