The Definition

My mother used to say that there was a great untapped potential within the fiber of my being—a uniqueness that would not be found in anyone else.

Born For Challenges Names of God

The thought of God being jealous is a funny thought. God wants you to spend time with Him. The Greek word used in Exodus 34:14 is kanna (kan-aw) and it is the literal adjective for the word jealousy. Anyone who remembers their childhood can ascertain the feeling of having something or being with someone that [...]

Christ-Like Love

“They would know us by our patience. They would know who are Christians by our contentment, modesty, and humility. They would know us, for we would not be rude to one another. We would look for the best in each other, we would not get angry easily, and hold no offenses toward anyone.

Tell Mother I’ll Be There

I find it interesting how the hand of God orchestrated these events. The kindness of a president (McKinley) to his mother was noted, which caught the attention of a songwriter (Fillmore).

2nd Gala

Just before receiving a standing ovation, Heather plead with the crowd to support Garden Gate Ranch’s cause; had there been a home open when she needed it, she may have avoided years of additional abuse and trauma. Many hearts were moved by her very personal story.

God’s Desire

The Bible tells us that if we delight ourselves in Him (God), He will give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4). So, why doesn’t everyone have this? We know that God does not lie, so what seems to be the problem? It must be something in us.

Ghetto Fabulous

Let me tell you a bit about our “ghetto” neighborhood. There is nothing quite like an emergency to show you who you can count on. Next door is a couple whom I’ve known my whole life. When my lung collapsed, he and his grandson were in their front yard trimming trees.

In The Race

And he was a skilled mental abuser: “They don’t really like you.” “They talk about you after you walk away.” “She’s not your friend.” (said while laughing) “Why are you crying?” (said at the reception area of my workplace while I pleaded for him to leave and not make a scene). “I should walk in [...]

My Mother’s Voice

The Facebook posts that offend me are often very politically based, and often extremely critical and judgmental of those on the “other side” of the proverbial fence. Once, a very dear friend posted some very denigrating words about a mutual acquaintance.

The Times They Are A Changin

There’s no doubt that the future belongs to the young for they’ll be living in it after the old are gone.

What Hath God Wrought

Pete’s remarks beg the ancient question, “What hath God wrought?” In terms of our human existence and presence on Earth, what is it that the Almighty intended for us both individually and collectively? Since Pete delved into biblical and theological arguments, let us see how he stacks up against established principles.

Who Made Your Glasses?

It is time for true Christians as differentiated from Christians In Name Only (CINO’s), to rise and push back hard against this darkness that has gripped America. If the way you see the world – your glasses – does not show you that America is dying at the hands of liberal progressive Marxists, neoconservatives, anarchists, [...]

The Purpose of Marriage

Christians must understand that marriage is a testimony to the world of what pursuing God looks like. Marriage as God intends it to be, is a soul-deep companionship that grows stronger and deeper, year upon year, as we are drawn closer and closer into intimacy with Christ.