The Revoice

Their theology is very troubling mixed with the heretical classic gay revisionist theology. Poor theology on grace leaves the soul without hope of rejuvenation or any internal change of thinking. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is one that St. Paul told Timothy which is a Gospel based upon Christ’s sound words conforming (converting/sanctifying) the [...]

Desert Stream Ministries

At Desert Stream, we serve the Church as she seeks to minister to individuals with a variety of issues, including sexual addiction, sexual trauma, marital difficulties, same-sex attraction, and gender identity problems.

Here Are Their Stories

Through the faithful love and affirmation of the Body of Christ, God began to show me aspects of who He made me to be as a woman. I felt my heart coming alive in new ways. I found myself desiring to be more feminine in my appearance.

In The Beginning

Our individual and separate claim is that God has washed us, sanctified us, and justified us in the name of Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God as stated in 1 Corinthians 6:11. There is no need to follow any law which arouses sinful passion, but to rest in the grace of Jesus Christ, [...]

The Oncology of the Church

The United Methodist Church has roughly 12 million members worldwide; about 7 million in the U. S. and most of the rest in Africa and Asia. As part of the Scriptures, the denomination follows a book of church laws called the Book of Discipline. This book, in keeping with the Scriptures, declares homosexuality to be [...]

What is Apostasy

As we look into the history of the church, we find that as the apostate spirit from Lucifer continued to cause God’s people to believe lies, they broke away from the desire to belong to their Creator and walked in the same self-centeredness that Lucifer lives in.

How Did I Get Here?

While each person seeking to address and overcome the brokenness of same-sex attraction is different (we are all composites of past life experiences), the following factors can have extreme implications and bearing upon one’s sense of gender identity.

Here Are Their Stories

It was not easy leaving the homosexual/ transgender lifestyle because that’s all I knew.

When Gay Pride Comes To Town

If, however, your heart is filled with love, first for God and then for your neighbors – including those in the parade adorned in rainbow colors and stickers – then engage with a heart of love.

Here Are Their Stories

So it was that summer when I heard that voice, which later I realized was the Holy Spirit, and I knew there was a better life than this.

Here Are Their Stories

In 1993, I was diagnosed with the AIDS virus. After many years of celibacy, I thought I had escaped the possibility.

Here Are Their Stories

My first step out from the gay lifestyle was difficult. The swarms of addiction kept knocking on my door, but I persevered. Reading the word of God and finding fellowship with other believers I was alone in my homosexual recovery.

Here Are Their Stories

It doesn’t matter if you turn on your televisions, pick up a newspaper or magazine or just simply walk down the street, you will be faced with perversion. The politics of personal values, as they relate to one’s beliefs, have been hijacked by a small but extremely vocal and relentless group of folks, bent on [...]

Here Are Their Stories

My dad and brothers did not take much interest in me. My mother and older sister were my deepest emotional connections,

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Our marriage is an outward reflection of an internal reality. Being with Garry is about so much more than not being with a woman.”

Here Are Their Stories

I am normally not that person who makes the first move, but I did search out Chris on Facebook. I messaged him and introduced myself.

Here Are Their Stories

There are still times when I am caught in great amazement and unbelief that Angie is in my life.  It’s hard to explain but there are moments when I come into realization, stunned that finally I am coupled with whom the Lord intended.  This is really happening?  ?  Forgive me for being somewhat dramatic.  Years [...]