2020 Hindsight Will Judge These Predictions

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday and it’s all now to God.

Born For Challenges – It’s a New Season

God often works in seasons just like the weather. It is important to realize what season of life you are, both physically and spiritually. Churches also go through seasons. Seasons of growth, seasons of revival, even seasons of people leaving. All of which are good, even when they hurt a little.   What does the [...]

Can Anyone Say Amen?

Shifting mirage of a fallen world. Things are not as they seem. Good is so often trampled. Staring at the carnival mirrors of this life, we squint through a swirling mist at the constantly underfoot while evil triumphs. The innocent are sacrificed as the guilty ride roughshod over justice. Walking in the ways of the flesh is like stumbling [...]


Never have so many choices been available to us. Shopping for gifts presents us with a staggering number of possibilities. Types and models of vehicles vary greatly and limit us only to what we can afford. We can also shop for an ideology friendly to our desires. All we have to do is look for [...]

Do Well My Son

At fellowship last Sunday we studied Ezekiel chapter 18. Prompted by the Lord to continue into the 19th chapter, my spirit caught this command after reading Ezekiel 20 verse 5. “Do well my son.”   Every day there are occasions when your eyes are taken off of the Lord. It is our own desires that [...]

Do You Know My Jesus

Have you a heart that’s weary, Tending a load of care; Are you a soul that’s seeking Rest from the burden you bear?   Do you know (do you know) my Jesus? Do you know (do you know) my friend? Have your heard (have you heard) He loves you? And that He will abide ‘til [...]

Here Are Their Stories

My name is Kevin. I am 41 years old, and I am a walking miracle. The man I am today is not the man I have always been. My life has been radically changed.  Let me give you a little history to set the stage.   When I was just two years old, my parents [...]

In This You Greatly Rejoice

“In this you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials.” 1 Peter 1:6   Rejoicing does not come naturally to many people. Being full of joy such that your countenance is visibly changed is difficult for some. The Bible informs us in many places [...]

Mainline or Sideline?

In Protestant circles, certain denominations, since colonial times, have been called “mainline” churches. Among them are Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Methodists, Congregationalists, and some Reformed and Baptist bodies. Descendants of various powerful impulses arising in the Reformation, they sought to reach into all parts of the world with a message of transformation grounded in Jesus Christ and [...]

Memory Box

In March of 2004, (If you can believe it, 16 years ago) I was 18 years old. In western New York, at the time, the economic and job crisis was at its height. I had been unemployed for the last nine months, and my outlook for employment was sparse at best. Every day, (weather permitting) [...]

Men – Pray For Your Wives Part 5

This week on A Transforming Moment, we have discussed the need we have as men to pray for our wives. If you’ve been with us for the first four parts in this series, you’ve learned that the biggest reason we need to pray for our wives is so we might be changed. No doubt, this [...]

My People Perish – Part 1

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Hosea 4:6 As a writer, I am often delighted when words and phrases rhyme, [...]

The Moon and The Son

I was thinking about the moon the other night. It was magnificently full and bright. For a moment, I pondered how incredible it is. As I was contemplating this, I realized that the moon is of no use to us, if it weren’t reflecting the sun that brightly lights it’s surface. The moon supplies what [...]

The Softer Touch

The store was pretty crowded as I made my way along, shopping for a few groceries one afternoon. Ahead of me in the aisle, was a young woman with an already full cart, a little girl in the seat, and an older little boy hanging onto the side. She was talking on her cell phone, [...]

Trumps Negates a Nasty Narrative

Remember journalism? This was an archaic art form once practiced by investigative reporters who tried to discover the truth and then inform others of what they found.  While true objectivity is a mirage or an Historian’s joke, once upon a time, there were people who attempted to present the facts and then allow readers, viewers, or listeners [...]

What’s New

As we go forward into this new year, there are many things on every side that look scary, strange, unusual, and different from anything we’ve ever seen before. These things are new, but are they all good?   A definition of new means “something that has never happened before.” In Hebrews, chapter 11, God tells [...]

When Being Strong is Not Enough

I started writing this article in my head as I washed dishes this morning (December 3rd). My mind often wanders as it processes interactions from the day before as I do household tasks that I least enjoy – ironing is a particularly creative gold mine. Thoughts meandered on three distinct experiences from my past: the [...]