Take My Hand

“When my mother was eleven years old she was sick with measles encephalitis. She actually died while being transported to the hospital by ambulance and was blue when she arrived at the hospital. The ER doctor said he normally would never have taken that type of case into surgery, but he felt he needed to. [...]

A Series Of Dreams

I awoke. The thermostat had turned on, that explained the heat. But what brought this altogether was that I heard my son’s lullabies playing.

I’m Blessed

100% of Evangelicals and 73% of born again Christians said yes. When this conviction is put into practice however, the numbers shift downward. Only 69% of Evangelicals and 52% of born again Christians say they actually did share the Gospel at least once this past year to someone with different beliefs in the hope that [...]

Resolution Victory!

Every year we pledge to “do better” whether that’s a pound or two off our mid-section, or an unrealistic exercise regimen.

Amazing Grace

In my book “Profundities of Love” Chapter 4, I write about God’s Amazing Grace as it related to my husband, Charles’ illness. Initially, Charles was given two to five years to live. From the date of Charles’ diagnosis of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in May 1994, Charles lived until January 2014. As Christians, when we pray, [...]

To Rescue, To Restore

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” — John 1:5   Light is here, stronger than any darkness we or our city might face. This time of year we remember that Hope entered the world for the sole purpose of rescue and restoration. God Himself came to earth in [...]

Real World Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in the real world is not always as it is portrayed on made-for-TV movies.

Born For Challenges Part IV

As a result of this great victory, Abram was so grateful to God for blessing his endeavors that he gave the king of Salem and a priest of God Most High one tenth of all His earnings. This was the first instance of tithing, in the Bible.

The Days, The Moments

I’d been out of town on business, staying in a hotel for the week. Rushing to escape the snow one day, I wasn’t paying attention to anything around me. I didn’t realize I had been followed from the parking lot. I got into my room and turned to close the door, to see a man [...]

Anti and Pro-abortionists Unite!

Forever captured in publication is Rehka Basu’s support of the unborn? She may be unaware that making the following statement, concerning the states’ representing attorney, could give Judge Michael Huppert something more to consider as he sorts out recent arguments of whether the heart beat bill is grossly unconstitutional.

He Is Always With Me!

They didn’t seem to see him at all. Our two cars would surely crash down onto them when he hit me.

His Grace

In 1949 the Los Angeles Crusade with Billy Graham was not getting any publicity with the press, so Henrietta Mears, a bible teacher, decided to invite Billy to her home to meet several Hollywood personalities. Stuart Hamblen, who hosted a popular radio show and still heavily involved in drinking and carousing, was there.

Do You… Hear?

Today’s Poet


Those who immigrate legally are some of the best that this immigrant population has to offer.  They are diligent enough to have followed the rules set down for their arrival and wait the proper time to do so.  They are,

Does Government “Help” Prevent Growth?

The Iowa legislature is already making progress in creating a more friendly economic environment for job creators by passing needed tax reform legislation. The tax reform bill signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds begins the process of reducing Iowa’s high individual and corporate tax rates. In addition, this legislation also calls for a strenuous [...]

Agree To Disagree

Well, at least, she said, same-sex persons are much less likely to commit sexual abuse than other people. Somewhat taken aback by her assertion, the preacher explained that all his experience, research and doctoral studies made it clear that all types of individuals, no matter how they are identified, can be involved in sexual abuse.