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October 2018

    Another Face Of Human Trafficking

    By Rachel Floyd Jericho Outreach Ministry

    We began by praying and learning how many strip clubs there were in Des Moines and how they operate. The first six months felt like God was taking us on a roller coaster ride into a world that seemed foreign, dirty and ugly (and sometimes dangerous).


    By La Vonne Maxwell

    There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting, And I go with my burden and care, Just to learn from His lips words of comfort In the beautiful garden of prayer.

    To Jasper County

    By Brandon Talsma

    God has blessed our country and our people like nowhere else on earth. It is our duty as Christians to help those less fortunate than us, both at home and abroad. It is our duty to share the blessings God has given us willingly, not forcefully by the government.

    Born For Challenges: Back To Basics, Part I

    By Jeremy Empie

    “The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, He will show you a way out so that you can endure.”

    Iowans Need Property Tax Relief

    By John Hendrickson

    The property tax bills recently received by Iowans continue to increase. Many local governments have avoided hiking property tax rates, instead relying on increased assessments to drive property tax revenue higher and higher.

    How Did I Get Here?

    By Pastor Phillip Lee

    I stopped doing all drugs and became totally removed from any association with homosexual activity.

    Here Are Their Stories

    By Pastor Phillip Lee

    During the first six months after I decided to pursue change, I stopped doing all drugs and totally removed myself from all associations with homosexual activity.

    Three Events

    By Chris Rose

    My first step out from the gay lifestyle was difficult. The swarms of addiction kept knocking on my door, but I persevered.

    The Volcano Theory

    By Dr. William P. Tarbell

    Some years ago, a woman argued that her husband’s use of a brothel was helpful to her. Since she did not feel comfortable taking care of his sexual needs, and since he “had to let off steam”, his visiting a prostitute was a good thing.

    How Can A Moral Wrong Be A Civil Right

    By Dr. Robert Owens

    If we look at the most famous artifacts of this debate the Federalist and Antifederalist Papers we see that the Federalists led by Hamilton basically said whatever they had to in order to get the Constitution ratified.

    Odaard’s Rose

    By Chris Rose

    Odaard’s Rose is a series of articles about Dick and Betty Odgaard and the many recovered men and women who no longer identify homosexual (that’s me, Chris Rose). Dick Odgaard calls us the “proof of the truth”. The Odaard’s hope remains and will always be that there will bloom another Odgaard’s rose.

    What is Your Motive?

    By Brad Hendrickson

    Are you glorifying God in your heart, or giving lip service to Him and really glorifying yourself?

    Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business

    By Rita Baker

    The final step that responsible caring adults must take about Child Sexual Abuse is report to the proper authorities. If you reasonably suspect a child has been abused, it is your duty to protect the child from further harm

    Mission Aborted

    By Amy Moser

    I will use my voice to speak truth out into this world. I will outstretch my arms to the broken hearted. I will teach my children there is another way, a way of love for these parents and these children. I will teach my children that one mistake doesn’t warrant another, and that two wrongs [...]

    Put On The Whole Armor of God

    By Lynn Montgomery

    The Lord spoke to me about the warfare we are engaged in every single day we are alive in this world. He said if we expect to win, we must put on the whole armor of God. He said the only way we can wear the whole armor all the time is if we always [...]

    Rescued Through Him

    By Jennifer Roush

    If you are currently struggling with a pornography addiction in your marriage, I want to speak hope to you. I know countless couples who God has healed through this struggle.

    Good, Good Father

    By Angela Evans

    We may even get mad at God and slam the door in His face, but He will be there when our fit is over, to love us and forgive us.

    Political War A People Divided

    By Pastor Amos Cotter

    Perhaps you are non-partisan. This same “argument” can be applied to any number of situations. We are all human, and as such, we have faults, flaws and short comings. I find no solace in government workers. My hope, faith, and trust…is in God alone.

    After Death

    By Gloria Dixon

    Starting in 2006, I never missed another one of Charles’ doctor appointments, MRIs, X-rays, etc. I kept notes of everything – with explicit details of his hospital stays. I was his medical advocate!

    Poetry By Sandra Garr

    By Sandra Garr

    Just touch a heart today and know What is love and solid, Real and great