God’s Plan, Not Mine

A year ago, I would have laughed if someone told me I would be trying to get pregnant at 44. This year, I am praising God for the blessing He is about to bring to Chris and I.

Born For Challenges

so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble? We serve a powerful God!

What Should A Christian Do?

The greatest document ever formed in the minds of humankind was put together and implemented by Godly men who labored and prayed over the humongous task that confronted them.

Have We Reached A Point Of No Return

In history, a civil war has an origin beginning with two opposing world views, people unwilling to compromise, lines being drawn in the sand, and an attitude of digging in and not budging. We now have seated senators calling for civil disruption of private lives of those who work for our president.

Some Food For Thought!

Some people today are under the false impression we live under a democracy. We do not. Our form of governing is a constitutional representative democracy. Each of us express our opinions, desires, and grievances to our elected representatives who work on our behalf making the laws we live under.

Our Beloved Republic Is In Jeopardy!

The power was to be with the people who elected their representatives to stand in their stead and speak for them. This was to be the most powerful branch because the power was to remain with those who have to live under the government they created in the first place. The executive branch, the office [...]

Immigration: Is it needed for us to sustain ourselves?

Now let’s evaluate why we might need to have an influx of immigrant peoples into the US. Our birth rate is down to an nonsustaining rate, and we are not replenishing ourselves with the next generation to fill the void when we leave this planet.

The Limits of Science

Even in examining the visible substances around us, science is subject to strict limits. And, when it comes to such things as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, strict objective science has virtually nothing to offer. It has no compelling, comprehensive way of locking human personality into any pattern of behavior or any specific [...]

Here Are Their Stories

This demonstrative exaggeration pulls in the excited imagination that some say is pinned with sexual fervor. Others sluff off this statement, saying that “drag life” is momentary and innocent. It’s an artful form of expression.

Breaking the Silence

Years ago, both substance abuse and mental illness were proverbial “elephants in the room.” Most refused to acknowledge either, even when a close friend or family member was suffering.

Fountain Filled with Blood

The sad history of William Cowper’s life is just another example of how God can use anyone to further His kingdom.

Do You See Her?

The nightly encounters continued until I realized I was three months pregnant. My dad tried to get me to have an abortion, but I refused. Once my pregnancy was known, the men never came around again.

Stinging Situation!

Part of me fought the desire to approach those women in the parking lot. I wanted to lift up the back of my shirt to reveal my 8 inch spine surgery scar, and ask them if they felt this were enough to validate my handicap parking plaque!

King Solomon A Romantic!

Eventually, I took cues from Charles and King Solomon and started edifying my husband. The more I shared with him my thoughts on how well he provided for our family, how handsome he looked, what a great father he was, and what a fantastic job he did on this or that project, the stronger our [...]

Attention Church!

Coveting began in Lucifer when he stood behind the throne of God and listened to the triune God make plans to create man in God’s own image. He heard them say that man would be God’s treasure (Exodus 19-5) and that angels would be ministering spirits to mankind

Bent Tent

On the third night the rainstorms came again, but the wind wasn’t present this time. We figured the tents would shed the water, and they would be good for the night.